29 thoughts on “►NEW RECORD◄ On YouTube ! Largest JACKPOT Ever For New DRAGON CASH Slot Machine ! I Made HUGE MONEY”
  1. Meng Kao says:


    Super Awesome jackpot!!

    This machine is out of service!!

  2. amateurfun says:

    This guy has fun. Much better than the other low class bald guy and his crew of lowlifes

  3. Brooke Lares says:

    Where’s the continuation of this video???

  4. Michael DeFilippo says:

    Congrats man. If I didn’t read your title I would have been worried for you.

  5. Wiz Wisdom says:

    200x not bad. Best for me is 220x

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Good Good Win!

  7. ann jc says:

    Ta na na Ta na na…TA NA NA NA NAAA….Well Done NG

  8. Bimbi Bimbi says:


  9. Tara Jack says:

    The power of NG

  10. RoRo and silent John slots says:


  11. ElmwoodParkHulk says:

    Biggest handpay I saw on utube was for 1.75 million …..5,000 per pull ….there are others even bigger .

  12. Robert Ruwe says:

    Wow congratulations!!!

  13. Kat Oneil says:

    Omg NG!!! Great video..sorry haven't been able to watch premieres but always watch at some point!!!

  14. Tuan Diaz Dean says:

    Congratulations NG on your super and mega win.

  15. Paul Hamilton says:

    Im never that lucky NG happy for ya

  16. Gerardo Salinas says:

    Where is part 4

  17. Lone Wolf says:

    Need to change your channel name to: Casinos Bankrupted By NG :)`Showed it who was boss.Congrats bro and continued big spins n wins

  18. Francis Nguyen says:

    Amazing $10k ball dropped! Happy New Year!

  19. onlineL00SER82 RealMoney SLOT CHANNEL says:


  20. Christopher Folekene says:

    OMG! NG

  21. Rachel Russell says:

    There are plenty of people who bet that big and have never won that big. They would be excited at $10,000. Congrats!!

  22. Joseph says:

    Congratulations, NG

  23. TheHpsauce37 says:

    Wow you needed that win mate the machine was killing you prior to that.

  24. Alexandru Moldovan says:

    I’m so glad for you man that now on the end of the year you recover a little bit . This year wasn’t great but you stayed faithful to your subscribers, greetings from Switzerland

  25. Deb Vale says:

    Way to go, NG! Amazing! Happy New Year to you!

  26. Sammy Pluto says:

    He gets happy bc he hit jp not bc of the money. Good luck to u sir hope you get all the satisfaction jackpots you're looking for in 2021 !

  27. Daniel Spidell says:

    Great hit…I never liked super high stakes videos but you have a way of making them fun…keep the good stuff coming buddy

  28. MGSlots 21 says:

    Congrats on such an amazing massive jackpot bud! Hope you hit many more like this in 2021!

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