18 thoughts on “★AWESOME BIG WIN!★ MAX BET $5.40 CASINO ROYALE 007 JAMES BOND Slot Machine Bonus (SG)”
  1. Jonathan Myers says:

    "I'll have a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred. Do I look like I give a damn?"

  2. Lebofilms says:

    When I saw how many Black and Gold chips you had on that last one I knew it had to be at least a $500 winner. Good going.

  3. Begoodto Yourself says:

    Nice session!! Congrats on the win and sticking it out!


    I question your sanity when you went for the 5th bonus
    but you are OK. $$$$$ NICE WIN

  5. Slot Traveler says:

    Gold chips for days!! Yass!! Trust you didn’t want to pick on that casino bonus lol!!

  6. Nomee Slot Videos says:

    Very nice wins Albert, great game!

  7. TheMaster Zman11 says:

    Almost filled that puppy up, it teased you with some high prize amounts in the shot feature, but overall still a good win

  8. SML-Slot Machine Lover says:

    Nice one Albert! The last bonus that was awesome win! Congrats

  9. Renee Petrocy says:

    Awesome run Albert!

  10. Erin B. says:

    Albert I have been so extremely busy, that I just caught up with a few days of your new videos and repost. How fantastic. I finally got time to go to my local as well and let me share: I put in $5 in Ja di Ja li and hit the 88 cent bet twice triggering the jackpot feature and actually won the MAJOR JACKPOT for $890!!! I about peed my pants lol. I totally needed this extra because my sister in law and I are heading to Vegas on September 4 to celebrate her birthday so it helps with my spending budget. Happy happy happy.

  11. Littlebitofnothin' says:

    Great run. I don't think I'd put back that much into a slot after two disappointing bonuses. Your perseverance paid off. Good for you. Thanks for fun vid.

  12. Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos says:

    Albert, I love this game and Thunderball. That last bonus was fabulous.

  13. Claire Pierson says:

    that was alot of fun to watch love this game

  14. slotmachineluv says:

    Wow ! Never see anyone could get 2away from full screen of chips . awesome run Elbert. I like the potentials of this game . Play it once at The Mirage , was fun . hope my local get it soon . hope you have a good winning weekend

  15. My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos says:

    That was a Great Finale! I love how it shows the $600.00 and it just goes away. LOL! Fun Video and Very Nice Wins!

  16. Anthony Brown says:

    Nice win yes.

  17. Cassanova Slots says:

    That last bonus was awesome!! We love this game and now we want to go play it right now. Haha!

  18. neville richard johnson says:

    A good game, however your camera angle was a bit steep.

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