25 thoughts on “★AWESOME BIG WIN!!★ W/ANOTHER JACKPOT?? CASH FORTUNE DELUXE DRAGON Slot Machine (Aristocrat Gaming)”
  1. Cathy Greenwood says:

    I do like this game. I like the respin action. Glad we got to see that huge win!

  2. Meli Loves Slots says:

    This was fantastic Albert! Love it thanks for sharing this awesome win..

  3. Cynthia Slater says:

    Always great to make your money back and then some. Awesome!

  4. Nocturnal says:

    Awesome run!!!

  5. alex s says:

    win big

  6. CDaniela says:

    Beautiful ! Congratulations !

  7. Heather Lee says:

    I wouldn't have had the patience or the bank roll to stick with it, lol. Awesome win Albert!

  8. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Albert. The game really got you frustrated. I would of walked away after I lost the two hundred dollars. Lol. the game takes too long to get a bonus.

  9. Steve E says:

    Nice win, good to hang in there sometimes.

  10. My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos says:

    I completely agree… that really was an "Awesome Big Win!" That multiplier was EVERYTHING!!!

  11. Gary Hill says:

    Great potential, as you proved in the end. The only thing that I don't care of about this game is the long periods of nothing without teasers. I mean, it was really dry there for 200 bucks. And in with $300 that pot never did pop, did it? Or did I miss it somehow?

  12. Yanko Joseph says:

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  13. Erin B. says:

    Albert my friend you are the King of taking chances! I was like…”no Albert- take your Hondo and run” but you were like “ I think I will up my bet to $8!! I was like…?????what are you thinking Albert!!!! Apparently I need to be quiet and just watch the Master at play!!! Lol Congratulations

  14. ms_brown says:

    Nice win!

  15. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    I was so ready to dump on this game, then you went and got hot with it. Think I will still dump on it quietly in my head. lol

  16. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT ALBERT! A really tough machine. It appears, and I could be wrong, that one has to play max to get a y real wins.

  17. JAYR SLOTS says:

    Awesome win my friend, congrats and thanks for sharing.

  18. Deon Tyler says:

    Congratulations Albert

  19. DamonZod says:

    I always stick with pennies, too much of a wuss to do anything higher lol. Btw I channeled my inner Albert Friday night and made a $26 profit on Montezuma. Revenge was sweet lol!!

  20. Slots of Love says:

    That was an awesome win Albert! This looks like a very interesting and fun game!

  21. Rick Smith MUSIC says:

    Good win

  22. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice wins. Congrats!

  23. Loren Staab says:

    Nice. Very active with the free games.

  24. KasinoKev Martin says:

    Is that a new casino? I've played at Parc have you?

  25. Marybel Enitch Vargas . says:

    Hi Albert. Morning
    Thanks for sharing

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