27 thoughts on “★NEW SLOT!★ BETTER THAN ORIGINAL?!! JINSE DAO FU LION Slot Machine (SG)”
  1. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    The Fu Lion (Fu Dog) finally gets its own JINSE DAO game. What I do like about these 2 new versions are that the credit wedges on the bonus wheel have been removed which makes getting the free games a lot easier. There are now reel multipliers to boost your Hit & Win credit prizes. What do you all think? An improvement over the original?

  2. Debby S says:

    Fun to watch the potential of these games. That's great they don't have the credit option on the wheel…we all love spins with multipliers. Enjoyed!

  3. prettytz says:

    Is it safe in PA

  4. prettytz says:

    Hey Albert!
    I follow you alot
    Tell me how's the Casinos in PA?
    I really want to go

  5. P.B.A Greg Gunter says:

    I pass. Its Just a money taker for me.

  6. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    Maybe leave these in Philly!


    Thanks for the upload!

  8. Alex Lopez says:

    That's a nice added feature. It's truly a tough game but fun when it's active.

  9. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Albert. I would of walked away from the dragon Jinse game. The bonuses does not pay out good. You did have some nice hits.

  10. Erin B. says:

    You know Albert I’ve never played any Jinse games because I’ve watched several people playing them many times and I’ve rarely…. if ever that I can remember, seen any of them win their money back or win big on them. So I actually avoid them like the plague at our local even though we have a lot of them there.

  11. Expressionistix says:

    As far as playing the original – it's much faster just to open your wallet and pay the casino directly.

  12. Cathy Greenwood says:

    Well I always like easier to get bonus so I'll say improvement. I don't usually play these games though.

  13. Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos says:

    I like it Albert, if I see the Lion version I will play it! I like the Tiger version a lot too. Always a good time watching your videos!

  14. Cathy Greenwood says:

    Oh where or where canny baby be! Upside down boy ya turn me inside out……lol they're playing music before your time! I like the horse one! Get on that horse and ride! Lol

  15. Xavier Robinson says:

    That last bonus was so annoying

  16. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice. Congrats!

  17. greg charles says:

    Hey Albert , you know they have Wild Wild section at MGM National Harbor ?

  18. JAYR SLOTS says:

    Nice, congrats and thanks for sharing.

  19. dreadnought b33 says:

    I have great luck on dragon Jinse $0.50 @ tampa hard rock. Got a $1350 hand pay last wk. I will say the 50 cent denom is much more prone to bonus and line hit even.

  20. martha posey says:

    This a one of those hard to trigger bonus games for me. However I do still like to play it when I come across it. TFS

  21. J Peach says:

    These games are complete garbage

  22. Hundred or Nothing Slots says:

    I haven’t seen these new version in Vegas yet. Cool.

  23. Cassanova Slots says:

    This game is super tough for us too! Glad we’re not the only ones! Hopefully your next session will bring you a massive win!

  24. Connie Keenan says:

    New or old version, this is a hit or miss game. You did well though. In response to your question, I'll be spending 5 nights at Cosmo and 3 nights at Harrah's Las Vegas the last week of this month into May. Can hardly wait! The degenerate gambler is emerging!

  25. Dirk Weeber says:

    New slots in Philly with lousy antiquated background music and even more antiquated wins…..
    Never liked any of these Jinse Dumb Ouch Games – nor anything else that company has created. Except may be the Fire Link – that looks to me like the only slots they've made in a long while I would play if I could.
    I've played iJinse Dumb Ouch in a for fun online casino without any real win options – just to realize that your imaginary credits disappear the same way than real money would and I honestly would never refill the coins. So I deleted the app – which had been – advertised and probably in some way business associated with BC Sluts.
    No Albert you are better off with Lightning Link, Aruze Games and IGT games – if you loose it has been at least exciting which you can't say with that company.
    Cheers, good luck and keep up the good work.

  26. James Wirtz says:

    That red top symbol on the new Jinse Dao Fu Lion slot machine looks like Xerneas the Legendary Pokémon.

  27. LowBet Slots says:

    Nice bonus runs.

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