28 thoughts on “★WILD WILD WEDNESDAY!★ QUEST FOR A JACKPOT [EP 17] 🤠 TARZAN GRAND Slot Machine (Aristocrat)”
  1. KURI Slot says:

    I really love this Wild Wild series. So much fun videos Albert !!

  2. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    Free play to the rescue! Too bad Tarzan didn’t want to get wild for the weekly series. Hope you win next week to get back to .500 overall.

  3. Slot Doctor says:

    Still loving the series! keep at it! And wow that free play win!

  4. Cassanova Slots says:

    Tarzan isn’t as nice as the others but still can’t go wrong with the original Wild Wild!



  6. Julia The Slotty Mom says:

    Nice hit! Love this game and this series!

  7. Cathy Greenwood says:

    No vibrating seat? Man 3/4 the fun gone! Bahahaha. I remember the first time I sat my sis down! Yay for Freeplay!! Wonder what game is going to let us do the handpay dance!!!

  8. Laurie Jo says:

    Dang! That went fast!

  9. Slot500Club says:

    Thanks for a fun video

  10. Mary Irwin says:

    Season Greeting to you

  11. Mary Irwin says:

    Hi Albert! Good Luck..perhaps you need some lessons from Neilly!

  12. Michelle Hawkins says:

    Wow you did better with the free play. I enjoyed the video ride.

  13. Debby S says:

    Good job getting your FP into a Bonus for a recoup of $$. I missed yesterday's video…so off to watch it now. Enjoying your quest for the "big one."

  14. The Laughing Lion says:

    REally good sound effects on this TAzan one. it's the highlight of the slot IMO>

  15. Slots of Love says:

    Great Video Albert! I'm glad you were able to get a nice win on your free play! :0)

  16. Legend Of Pablo says:

    Wild Wild refund!

  17. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice, especially the free play. Congrats!

  18. Susie Smith says:

    Well Albert you got some money back on free play. You will get that JPHP. Did you see Neil’s latest. I know right

  19. Gillian Thomas says:

    Call neily 77 and ask him for his secret

  20. CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos says:

    Redemption off free play. Nice!

  21. Tam Mai says:

    Hey Elbert sometimes the free play really surprise ey

  22. ElvisCorvette Slots says:

    Great try on your quest Albert. Always enjoy watching…love the $20 freeplay action. Great win. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  23. Sharon Brashears says:

    I used to be wild for Tarzan, but now I think he’s gone to seed (is that expression dating me?).

  24. Vanessa Otero says:

    Congratulations on your free play winnings. As for me I think you should of gotten more for $3.00 bet. Tarzan is hard to get a bonus. Continue to win big and Good Luck

  25. Nancy Mattix says:

    Not bad at all! Congratulations

  26. Connie Keenan says:

    Woot! Getting money from Tarzan is a WIN!

  27. OKslots of_fun says:

    Nice win off freeplay! Fingers crossed for a Christmas eve jackpot for you! 🙂

  28. Patina Waters says:

    Good Luck Albert!!

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