31 thoughts on “✦2 HANDPAY JACKPOTS✦ On DRAGON CASH Slot Machine – Up To $100 BETS! Excessive Restrict Slot Machine JACKPOTS”
  1. chasta laslo says:

    Come to Sydney star city casino finally dropped the grand yesterday 28k

  2. Connie Keenan says:

    THAT'S the winner I know!

  3. Debby S says:

    Luv your "sneak peeks" of Bonuses to come. Congrats on your HP's & profit. Enjoyed

  4. Nancy Mattix says:

    Great session NG! That little teaser for tomorrow looks fantastic. Looking forward to watching that.

  5. David Diamond says:

    Good morning my dear friend NG

  6. George Amin says:

    NG , you should try lowering your bet after a bonus

  7. Kristy Ihaka says:

    Hi NG good luck have a great night

  8. Melissa Lynn says:

    Who funds you, NG? I went to Vegas and I couldnt do too much ans put thousands in.
    Im getting suspicious of videos out there, more so others. I dont think you're deceptive, but are these casinos sponsoring you? For real.
    Otherwise, good luck, NG

  9. Kok teong Gan says:

    Best of luck. May you hit the biggest jackpot in casino history. From Malaysia.

  10. Procopio Batongbakal says:

    Good session NG

  11. Teresa Kimbrough says:


  12. SLOT ANGEL says:

    Nice Wins on Dragon Cash!

  13. Aries 26 says:

    I always enjoyed all your videos Ng!! Thanks for sharing:)

  14. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    Nice profit!

  15. Dull Nabawi says:

    Love your videos

  16. Dull Nabawi says:

    Best of luck ❤️❤️

  17. Dull Nabawi says:

    Love from Melbourne Australia

  18. Sofian Abdullah says:

    Well ng,,these machines are tight,,won't pay big as per expected,,only break even,,that's the current trend ,,,very rare extra ordinary pay out,,,anyway play safe friend

  19. Jhonny Thelusme says:

    NG thanks for thé beautiful vidéo evryday good Luck NG

  20. tonya graham says:

    Congratulations on your two Hand Pays well deserved because you are big Priceless

  21. Amber Gross says:

    Thanks for the entertainment, my dear friend!

  22. william gerena says:

    Good Luck NG!

  23. telega says:

    Good Job NG!!

  24. Sharon Joachin says:

    Enjoy your video

  25. mercedes0626 says:

    NG have you ever played Triple Dragon Unleashed?

  26. Paul Trevino says:

    Just got home from vegas loved the cosmopolitan..

  27. Dan E says:

    When did they get the dragon? I was there on Monday I think and they had the entire high limit area torn up.

  28. Kevin Burdick says:

    Dude I hate 15 grand in boomtown Reno area on a three dollar bet on a quick hit machine it was quite shocking

  29. VIRGIL SIMPSON says:

    Show me your bonus NG! And smash that like button!

  30. RainsWorld VegasSlots says:

    I’m glad this machine paid you something! You deserve the big wins NG‼️

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