30 thoughts on “✦2 Handpay JACKPOTS✦ On Excessive Restrict Pink Sizzling 21 Slot Machine ! Slot Machine Jackpot | SE-8 | EP-3”
  1. Dalynn Gill says:

  2. Chris Pantel says:

    Red Hot 21 loves you. You made the right choice in keeping the 3x because you had about an 80% chance to bust if you took a hit. Good job NG!!

  3. bev weatherbee says:

    You do an excellent job of the videos NG thank you so much

  4. The Original Mrs. D says:

    Nice wins NG!

  5. FNS SLOTS says:

    Great handpays NG! Looking forward to more handpays in 2021!

  6. Kevin grace says:

    Hey NG
    How long does it take you to make a video? Thanks buddy

  7. Donna Powell says:

    Play timber wolfe please

  8. Buffalo Titan says:

    Love this game!

  9. Mark MacIsaac says:

    I feel you are looking for Redemption on this RH21 Badboy!!lol. A couple of nice Hits!! Cheers Brother!

  10. Rosalinda Lara Lara says:

    Feliz año nuevo

  11. Mr koko says:

    NG! Good job keep wining Good luck

  12. Maureen Anderson says:

    Good Morning thanks for the 3reel FUN!!

  13. Contingency theory says:

    Doing Monopoly again soon?

  14. Veronica Meeley says:

    Hi NG how are you doing?? Are you winning a lot, I expect that from you this 2021. Good luck, Good luck and more more Good luck.

  15. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for video…

  16. J.D J.D. says:

    Great job Naric

  17. Bernhard Hiebert says:

    Best of luck NG

  18. Alexandr Lobach says:

    Nice profit, but hopefully will tomorrow on big Jackpot handpay. Congratulations, NG Slot! I love Blackjack for Red Hot 21!

  19. Robert Kap says:

    Hi NG, so far so good I see for 2021. Keep up the good work amigo have a great day

  20. EddieB D says:

    You’re winning at a tremendous clip these past 30 days. A win for every loss. Congrats.

  21. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Woo hoo. The power of NG Thanks

  22. Nick Jan says:

    Red hot slot machine treats you quite well ! Have you had any luck playing Red Hot Tamales Slot Machine? I had multiple HandPays on that slot machine in Vegas …

  23. Toni Williams says:

    I'm so glad you're playing 3 reel machines…

  24. Mark Lucero says:

    Good morning ng fantastic ng good job ng win win win

  25. M M says:

    Red Hot 21 gives you A/A but doesn't let you split them….then gives you a 9 for 21! Hell Ya, NG

  26. mike ramos says:

    Good morning

  27. andru Cj says:

    greetings from Germany!

  28. Nancy Mattix says:

    That red hot 21 game was just like its name red hot! Congratulations on a great winning morning session.

  29. Sharyn Thompson says:

    Good Job NG, Awesome Job NG, Fantastic Job NG, WAY TO GO NG! Congratulations On Hitting Big With Red Hot 21!

  30. Sangjun Samuang says:

    Thank you for sharing Video. Good job NG

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