23 thoughts on “✦5 HANDPAY JACKPOTS✦! $100 Wheel Of Fortune HANDPAY JACKPOT 😱 Excessive Restrict Slots JACKPOTS In Las Vegas”
  1. NG Slot says:

    Check Out PART 1 While This Premiere Will Starts ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCrKTb0Y5pY&feature=youtu.be

  2. Steven Trautman says:

    Come on please.. $

  3. Steven Trautman says:

    Your chasing a dream…$

  4. Steven Trautman says:

    I understand the guilty feeling of losing lots of money….$

  5. Steven Trautman says:

    I agree…$

  6. Gee S says:

    OMG NG! Love them jackpots!

  7. Kelley Howell says:

    Good job NG

  8. Kyle R says:

    What a comeback!

  9. Mixing Slowly says:

    Good comeback win!

  10. Simon Nguyen says:

    Do you have to pay tax on handpay jackpot?

  11. Allison Davis says:

    Awesome comeback!

  12. Jordan Parker Show - Personal Finance & Investing says:

    To anyone reading this…

    Have an AWESOME day!!

  13. luck is long gone says:

    I have never seen someone win $4K and be so disappointed, wow.

  14. Nicole Vaughn says:

    Hey NG. Where do u play out of ? Do u ever go to. A.C. would love to watch u play live !!!

  15. Debby S says:

    So many games…so many hi-limit spins & leave w/a profit. Awesome job NG! Enjoyed

  16. Dave Jones says:

    Nice session NG

  17. Prairie Adventures says:

    Is that machine frozen?! Some terrible machines!

  18. Parekoy Marekoy says:

    NG share your luck…tnx

  19. Theresa Williams says:

    Great come back ❣️

  20. Ol Loulou says:

    Good job NG

  21. Next Level Toys says:

    I do like that last game. It is very hard to get bonus though lol. I got it twice on 5 dollar max bet. Good luck next time 🙂

  22. Liliya Yakubova says:

    i was plaing before. no any more: and i have my money now

  23. Liliya Yakubova says:

    but: u have a 3 kids???

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