24 thoughts on “✦5 Handpay Jackpots✦ ! Unbelievable Winnings On HIGH LIMIT SLOT MACHINES – Up To $100 Guess JACKPOTS”
  1. Ayumi Castillo says:

    hello NG….

  2. Bill Main says:

    A bit late Ng just Brilliant.Show me that hand pay.You are the greatest on YouTube my Friend

  3. Robert Wise says:

    I was in shower today saying show me the power of your bonus.

  4. Karen Payne says:

    So glad you got your money back, now I can sleep! Good job.

  5. william gerena says:

    Good Luck NG!

  6. ronny k says:

    Much fun!!! Way to go my friend…I hope you won!

  7. ronny k says:

    Don't always have time for the whole show so thank you my friend, NG!!!

  8. Debby S says:

    Luv this recap video of your awesome wins. 42 & meeting subs for the wins! lol! Enjoyed

  9. thesaint5378 says:

    Daaaahhht would be yuuuuge!!

  10. KB says:

    Like number 1,400!

  11. Kevin grace says:

    Thank You for saying “HIGHLIGHTED” unlike all of the other slot channels

  12. Sutterjack says:

    "That's a good one!" love your enthusiasm always!

  13. Joan Thomas says:

    Yes. Every other singer will quit because NG is here !!!

  14. Joan Thomas says:

    NG that is a good one !!!!

  15. Tony B says:

    The question is, how much are you down? Lol

  16. Hil Sib says:

    show me the power

  17. Jhonny Thelusme says:

    NG Im very for All video this week-end good Luck NG

  18. Lenora Gibson Carter says:

    Way to go 5 handpaid wow

  19. Denise Sims says:

    Nice wins NG way to go! Great time watching

  20. Greg Rivera says:

    NG, did you steal my voice? lol

  21. Greg Rivera says:

    The best singer in 2020! You have my vote. Lmao!!!

  22. Theresa Maskil says:

    Love playing Kitty Glitter…☺️

  23. Christine Champagne says:

    How did you do in the tournament?

  24. Veronica Meeley says:

    NG what a luck you have today.

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