21 thoughts on “✦BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ On Cats Hats & Extra Bats Slot -$25 Max Guess | Slot Machine BIG JACKPOT | EP-10”
  1. Kyle R says:

    NG you are the best, always play so many different types of machines and so down to earth.

  2. Timo Lemar says:

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  3. TrendyTroylyn says:

    Nice run!!!

  4. Art Pili says:

    Excellent job NG, nice comeback. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  5. John Williams says:

    Good morning NG

  6. VJ Slots says:

    Congrats on your handpay man!

  7. Liliana Alvarez says:

    Awesome handpay NG

  8. Debby S says:

    Fantastic comeback & HP Bonus to end a great video. Congrats…thumbs-up!

  9. Connie Keenan says:


  10. Sam Fusco says:

    Have you ever got a 5 symbol trigger on hold onto your hat?? Keep it up NG

  11. luis carrillo says:

    Es todo vato hasta ganas dan de ir al casino al mirar tus videos

  12. Christine Champagne says:

    Axper, sorry I missed you during the live chat. I really enjoyed this video. Congratulations on your comeback on cats, hats and bats.

  13. Ken Riches says:

    Sould call that last game bat splat

  14. Catherine Alexander says:

    Nice come back

  15. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  16. Chris Pantel says:

    That cats and bats game is so hard to get something good. That's an awesome hit! Good job NG!!

  17. New Age Investor says:

    there is no guarantee with slots but if you bet wisely and change up machines, bets, denoms the odds will sort of swerve in your favor. Slots are money makers but they also put out a lot of money, Its really not that tough to leave the casino with profit playing slots. Although it is never guaranteed but most likely if you keep switching machines you will get a few bonuses. hopefully they are good, its very rare to not get any bonuses.

  18. Wii Tay says:

    Ng.. can you play 50 dragons slot next time? hahaha

  19. Audelio Espinoza says:

    Why do you start the videos with white and black with a session that you don't even show

  20. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos NG. Thanks for posting this.

  21. Gavin Tu says:

    Why does the next episode preview is black and white not in colour?

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