29 thoughts on “✦BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ On Extra Extra Chilli Slot Max Guess | Slot Machine JACKPOT | SE-11 | EP-19”
  1. Estella Villarreal says:

    NG, You are amazing and never boring! Win or lose! You are Real!

  2. Iceman #1 says:

    NG why so many commercials bro

  3. Elena Rodriguez says:


  4. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    Mini likes you so much. Maybe next time Minor will like you for a change.

  5. jorgelina chavez says:


  6. N Angel says:

    Thank you for keeping it real.

  7. Ralph Adams says:

    I usly play low bet slots but 5.00,appox,or lower,but like to sss them n high limit slots

  8. Patrick Liou says:

    Glad you're keeping it real. Slots are heavily stacked against you. Keep doing what you feel comfortable with but don't worry about having to take a break from the slot channel.

  9. Teresa W. says:

    I appreciate that u show the losses as well as the wins. It’s reality. Some channels only show wins but I know there was probably losses in between that is not being shown.

  10. Kok teong Gan says:

    Go for big win.good luck.

  11. Pete Kane - Metal Detecting 'down under'. says:

    I got a little worried about you when you said you had lost so much. I always hope you will do well as l think your the best too watch. Hope you win a million bucks.

  12. Marquis Bean says:

    As one of your powerful subscribers I feel your pain. I have lost more money since the reopening then I have lost in all the time I have lived in Vegas (3 years) Its a shame. Businesses are aimed at taking traveler money, not keeping locals happy. Thats is why we are seeing this.

  13. OdinReactz says:

    You seem to win more when betting lower stick to that NG!

  14. Jacques Slabbert says:

    I so love watching you NG. You are such a genuine person. Sad that other channels will stop at nothing in gaining followers even if it mean turning into backstabbing evil persons. Keep it real my friend and dont fall into those vilains trap.

  15. Mark Challed says:

    I have never seen the 24 games. Thanks for the post, NG. Gaming everyday is tough. Keep your head up and keep firing.

  16. King Jason Slots says:

    So incredibly rare / epic to get all the screens! I’ve had amazing wins on this game, but never all the screens! O M G NG!!

  17. Kyle R says:

    That's a really fun bonus! Thanks for sharing buddy

  18. Barbara Wall says:

    NG you are not boring us! We love you. You are well respected. Very rarely curse and just show us the reality of slots. I think all casinos are tight because they are trying to recover from the pandemic.

  19. Liliana Alvarez says:

    Fantastic win my friend

  20. Glenda Nadal says:

    You’re the best NG!!!! Your videos show us the reality of casinos. You always try your best and I appreciate that. I always like your videos no matter what! Best of luck to you!!

  21. Ragna Chill says:

    It's true, you lose more than you win! That's the reality.

  22. Robert Edgar says:

    Don’t give up NG,love your videos.,all the power to you.

  23. Debby S says:

    Congrats on that great Bonus for a HP. You did great getting the 24 screens. Enjoyed

  24. Shelley says:

    Your videos aren't boring no matter what you win or don't win. Thanks for making them either way.

  25. joseph romasanta says:

    Leave cosmo, they're using you to keep their casino running, please play at Cache Creek, i see people betting $20 win $12,000-$49,000 all the time.
    Not a paid ad but from someone who wants to see you win

  26. Jillysflix says:

    64,000 to NG is probably the equivalent to 1,000 to us..

  27. Sue Clark says:

    I enjoy all your video's. Win or lose your a great guy.

  28. dreadnought b33 says:

    If you want to show the reality of slots you should show the TAXING on big wins..

  29. Boogaloo says:

    Don't worry about episodes being boring cause they are not. Who wants to watch someone posting nothing but bonus features,they are lying to their subs about what they are winning. We need to see losses just like we need to see wins. I'm watching you before I watch anyone that posts nothing but the bonus.

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