28 thoughts on “$100/Guess 😱 FIRST SPIN JACKPOT ✴ Stinkin' Wealthy at Greektown On line casino #advert”
  1. The Slot Cats says:

    Love this game! Congrats BC

  2. Don Scott says:

    Here’s a no-so-random generator speaking. If you love slots so much, ask Bret to buy you one, hook it up to a computer and keep tabs on money-in/money- out

  3. Don Scott says:

    You know that you’re a gambling junkie so that we (sane public) won’t have to be. Saw an old episode of TWILIGHT ZONE that reminds me of you. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!

  4. Frago Slots says:

    I love me some stinking rich! But that 7x bonus had so much more potential!

  5. Donna Powell says:

    You're so blessed

  6. Cappylove says:

    Great video! Always cheering you on when we watch and this was extra exciting.

  7. Shannon Dixon says:

    Your opening gif for your channel gives me an instant headache

  8. Michael Brabham says:

    Every hand pay

  9. Spectre EH says:

    OMG WOW…. makes up for those big losses the other day!

  10. Robert Blackburn says:

    What city are u in

  11. Vernon Schaal says:

    Detroit! Glad you came, I live in Warren it boarders with Detroit its the subburbs

  12. SSlowLy says:

    I hate Stinkin Rich but love Bombay

  13. Judi Kozlowski says:

    Stinkin Rich was one of machines turned off, I had them turn it on,best game besides sex and the city, video poker#1

  14. Mike W says:

    That would never happen to me. Congrats

  15. Sherri says:

    I kept saying no! No! No! During the rapid fires! LOL

  16. Carrie Johnson says:

    During the bonus, you automatically get the 100 lines no matter how many lines you are playing initially. Just an FYI

  17. nat26 says:

    8:18 he said greek town detroit casinos here are CLOSEEEEEEE

  18. Sherri says:

    Unfortunately you didn’t get the best one cause it crosses out the $500 and adds the $200 and $300 then multiples it by 3 so if you hadn’t picked that one it would’ve added the 500 onto the other one and I believe there’s a 5 times multiplier so you could’ve gotten 700 or 800 times 5.. I used to play this game a lot! Great hits!

  19. Sherri says:

    Hell yeah! That’s one of my favorites! The preview for this was at the end of today’s challenge video and I’m so glad I don’t have to wait to see it! I double checked and this was out already earlier today! Don’t know how I missed it!!!

  20. evette ford says:

    Hello, from Nj. I Love watching you play .. Oohh Nelly!! Lol! Have you looked into PARX CASINO IN BENSALEM PENNSYLVANIA?? I Love that Casino.. I hope that can be part of 2021 travel & it’s smoke free!!!!!!

  21. Visayan-Tagalog Explorer says:

    Goodluck BCS

  22. Cathy Castiglione says:

    Wow – unbelievable wins on Stinkin' Rich. Congrats

  23. Jared Michaud says:

    I got lucky on easy money at my local casino got the 3 2x wild in a pay line for $1000

  24. Vanessa Otero says:

    Congratulations on winning on Stinking rich. Magic Pearl slot machine was not nice to you. Awesome video.

  25. Hal Vanatta says:

    that was a great win on the first spin

  26. Joseph Anderson says:

    They got 007

  27. gladfan1989 says:

    BC, that was some stinkin' good luck. BANZA!

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