36 thoughts on “$100 Slot Play BONUS OR BUST at MGM Grand in Las Vegas 2021 (Watch This!) 😳”
  1. JJ Wu says:

    How many free drinks did you get while playing? That counts too!

  2. ThePecunious says:

    Love the 25-cents Wheel of Fortune! it is so exciting when the SPINs line up.

  3. Lori C says:

    First time watching. You got a new sub! You guys are fun!

  4. Jessica Cano says:

    You are so much fun! Thanks!

  5. Brooklyn Loves Slots says:

    Nice play! Cheers!

  6. John Scott says:

    Loving the videos. This one was a lot of fun to watch. We'll be there in June and can hardly wait!

  7. Ineeda Nap says:

    Tanya and Dave are turning into slot players…. love it!!!! I love the Stinkin Rich slot machine

  8. T T says:

    Really enjoyed that..May more winnings come your way.. My daughter now watches your channel..

  9. Antoinette Quarles says:

    Great job

  10. Evelyn McMillan says:

    Hey Tanya & Dave, my favorite slot machines are the ones that PAY YOU THE MONEY!!!! As always, have fun, be safe and enjoy!!!!

  11. Michele Trapasso says:

    You have to play the mafia game and get involved. Viedio make beautiful greetings from Germany Frankfurt

  12. Science experiments says:

    What are the gaming tables like now? Do they still limit 3 people per table?

  13. ubc21 says:

    I like playing Fortune Cup. Not sure if it is technically a slot game.

  14. April Carter says:

    THAT was lots of FUN!!!!

  15. tracey ellison says:


  16. Waste Not Want Not says:

    Great strategy! Loved learning about new games. More videos like this, please.
    I'm coming for you Vegas…..5 weeks and counting!

  17. kcyu says:

    Good Luck!

  18. LoriKrazy61 says:

    I enjoyed watching that and I am learning how to play that for the future when I am visiting in Las Vegas

  19. Carlina Burgos says:

    What luck! Please do more slots.

  20. Mother Knows says:

    Fingers crossed. GOOD LUCK !!!

  21. Edith Mason says:

    Hello My Favorite VL# Turn It Up World!!!!
    I like what you did This was so fun. Wishing You a Grand win. You deserve it!!!❤️

  22. NaturalMc2011 says:

    Love, love, love your content!!!

  23. Kim Gore says:

    Love this !

  24. Elle Van Roamer says:

    My advance congratulations on hitting 50. My prediction? By May 1♥️♥️♥️♥️

  25. Ron Schram says:

    any slot you win at

  26. Ron Schram says:

    you guys are awesome cool beyond description

  27. Deb Moran says:

    That was so fun!!!

  28. Luis Zayas says:

    Keep up the fun. All the best from Flushing, Queens- NYC!

  29. Richard W says:

    so what was the result? i couldnt tell in the end, loss?

  30. Yvette Whitaker says:

    This was so much fun. Yes, please do more like this. Stay Blessed.

  31. Marie's Marvels says:

    That was so much fun to watch! Thank you!

  32. Alma Belhumeur says:

    My favorite couple, love you guys.

  33. Vivian Poon says:

    Awesome video Dave and Tanya! My all time fav slot @ Vegas is “hot stuff” have fun!

  34. Martin D says:

    Hello Everybody !

  35. la_meme83 says:

    Are you going to go live this Wednesday and Thursday on the strip? I want to see in person. I am a newcomer youtuber. la_meme83

  36. Raymond Liu says:

    yes buffalo

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