19 thoughts on “£1000 Bonus Hunt! Can The Run Proceed?!..”
  1. Viking Adventurer says:

    Try playing in pounds?

  2. Craig Thomas says:

    Fellow Welshman here mate. Love the vids keep up the good work. I served in the royal welch like to think I know where an accent is from. Not going say where I think in case you like to keep your origin private. Keep up good work mate.

  3. Rob Taylor says:

    Not ur oldest subscriber but I love your content.

  4. ant simpson says:

    4.30 mins. Thank me later

  5. Alexander Hamawi says:

    you definately used an RPG on your RTP lol …awesomee vid m8

  6. Tornado says:

    Hi Azzi not bad you got money almost back. Azzi on your next high stake bonus hunt will you please try get a bonus on Regal Streak amazingly great game and good on the base too. I have not seen any1 play it yet please be the first as I can't afford high stakes but it's paid over 100 at just 20p spins. Cheers and good luck pal.

  7. Harvey Baldwin says:

    great video as always and not a bad return

  8. Ben Lucas says:

    Just for all the haters out there you should have shown you £8,000 pound cash out m8. Good win thought buddy love the videos.

  9. Paul Trickett says:

    Another good video just off money back . Keep it up. And if you are anything like me all the money belongs to the other half anyway.

  10. bob charlie says:

    Good job, fast becoming my favourite channel.

  11. Phil Brewster says:

    no jelously here azzi pal only love!! keep doing what ya do mate

  12. gordon mathers says:

    You gotta stop doing the challenge with Bob. You've started saying squidlers

  13. James Knight says:

    Love your vids mate, so pleased you are doing so well these last few streams. Top guy

  14. Gavlar H says:

    Not the worst ever. Was expecting you crazy luck to continue after the first though!

  15. David Parker says:

    Not bad buddy

  16. Menny Mennitto says:

    That deal no deal slot.. What a fraud! Good hunt nevertheless

  17. Vamp Taff says:

    Great vid again bud really unlucky thou keep the luck up pal

  18. Jackie Chan says:

    Love the videos broski had a shit sesh today cheers me up watching you guys

  19. Tom Cal 321 says:

    Let’s go Azzi

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