35 thoughts on “💰 $1,000 SPINS & $75,000 IN! 😁 UNBELIEVABLE Slot Machine Group Pull in VEGAS on Dragon Money”
  1. Norman Weimer says:

    That is so stupid to waste that money you didn’t even get close to what you spent

  2. Sonny Cao says:

    Hi bro. If you bet $1000 for a spin, you have play on $10 slot machines. You will have a change win big then play $2 slots. Thank you I’m so enjoy your game. Good luck bro.

  3. Jerry Hernandez says:

    This is the dumbest thing these guys have came up with

  4. Norin Huy says:

    Why? Why? Why? Casino is not going pays. $1,000 a spin is madness.

  5. Nina Marie says:

    I feel bad for the people you talked into doing the group pull on that bunk machine.

  6. Mink Media says:

    75k into a major jackpot of 56k I like those odds

  7. Xtine Mic says:

    I used to watch but your bets and wagers are so outrageous I’ve switched to other platforms that are more realistic of people’s everyday bets.

  8. CGermanB says:

    Irresponsible gambling for sure. How is this a group pull, if you're the only one there doing all the "pulling"?????

  9. Tik Tok Play T says:

    how much did you actually lose in this amazing session ??? It was same ratio batting, $75 input/$1 batting , no more than 100 spins!!

  10. Ana julia Dos santos barbosa says:

    Vamos jogar fala de menos

  11. Chris Holub says:

    This guy and his clingons are super weird. But gotta give him credit. Not many people would put up a video of themselves losing 50 grand. Would’ve done better to hand a couple of those tickets to a friendly stranger and change their lives.

  12. AL-FLOORING LLC says:

    $1,000 for a spin isn’t to much? But however good luck raja

  13. Bradley Sheble says:

    Machines seem to get tighter when you bet high

  14. mina mina says:

    you guys picked the wrong machine in the first place and then you should switch it when it doesn't pay after a few spins don't feed the dead horse .

  15. Richard Bott Slots And More says:

    Sorry for the bad session…I was cheering ya on…Better luck next time.Thanks for keeping it real..

  16. Voodoo Booty says:

    I was rootin for ya!

  17. Roberto Palma says:

    Is so sad seen so much Money on the garbage

  18. Darrin Kulyk says:

    That Machine WAS A DOG …….. Crappy

  19. nickshugah says:

    That was a beatdown…#Boom

  20. Mike Lans says:

    Whos the fools that give you money like that to play

  21. Alexander Peltier says:

    Dam if yall are already rich whats the point in gambling lol

  22. Jesse Duran says:

    But what was the handpay ??? Just lies

  23. Adventure with Pickles says:

    How many times have you been told you look like Steve Wilkos

  24. Svpreme Carter says:

    Gambling Addict !

  25. Daniel Collins says:

    Getting excited over a $12,000 win and then “Poof” it’s gone 12 seconds later.. hmmm :/
    What was the best possible outcome you were looking for here? Win the Grand and everyone still doesn’t even double their money??

  26. I Love Harrahs Slots Lucky occasionally says:

    I'm going to get a colonoscopy tomorrow. It will be a lot less painful!

  27. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Best wishes for luck.

  28. Sam Fisherman says:


  29. JJK jackpots says:

    Win big Good luck

  30. Paki K says:

    Damm I wish there was a big boom and the moment someone else puts money in that machine after you guys leave it then it hits lol

  31. Nic Ebeling says:


  32. Maclovio Berumen says:

    I'm sorry to say buddy, but everytime I watch you play those $1000 spins , I've never watched you win. That's painful to even watch. I hope your luck changes. Mack

  33. luisiana palma says:

    Hello, I greet you from Venezuela, I love your videos, I also played here, but nothing of the kind is there anymore, and well, if you win, you would share some of your winnings with me.

  34. Galaxy says:

    We saw this video before, months ago. This is not new.

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