37 thoughts on “🔴$10,000 LIVE PREMIERE On Excessive Restrict Slots ! JACKPOT , Bonuses & Dwell Slot Play In Las Vegas”
  1. Connie Ebanez says:

    Sorry it was not good NG., its gambling. Hang in there. Small bets can get you big Bonuses

  2. Jimmy Azbell says:

    Lancaster Ohio

  3. Robert Edgar says:

    Thanks for the premiere video NG,enjoying every time.

  4. belinda pastrano says:

    I love watching you play!!!!

  5. Jim Buffalo says:

    That was a horrible casino play. Shame on that casino!

  6. Debby S says:

    The "big one" IS coming…I can feel it. Please..never apologize 4 tight/cold machines. Enjoyed watching…U keep it real.

  7. Gwen Fahri says:

    Hi NG #new London run of bad luck hope you get a big pay out soon

  8. Juan Luna says:

    new subscriber NG when are going to play my favorite slot Heidi's bier Haus

  9. G A Smith says:

    I'm a Vegas local and love watching you because it keeps me out of the casino!!
    Tired of being broke.

  10. Marty Watson says:

    That was a big bite. Ouch.

  11. Angelina Salamanca says:

    Good luck…watching from PI.

  12. S G says:

    Damn that was a lot of money way too fast! Sorry bro. Good luck next time!

  13. Thelegend899 says:

    That was brutal..just goes to show that when the casino tightens those screws, no way to get a decent win or bonus. Thanks NG.

  14. M Be says:

    When NG loses $5000, I don't feel so bad losing $500. Good luck and planning is a key, also after winning 2 times, go to new machine, don't give it back.

  15. M Be says:

    NGjan, you need an assistant and planning if the machines you will play. New machines are better paying, in my opinion. Good luck NG.

  16. Tan Peter says:

    I am with NG slots all the way-never with MG-keep it up bro

  17. Ian Rambo says:

    This play remind me of how I got Diamond Elite status, now i just want to be normal, wishing u better luck next try NG.

  18. Naren yadav says:

    Do you play online slot machines ?? Or any suggestions ?

  19. CMaN JC says:

    Conspiracy! Slot Lady hits jackpots left & right off the fraction of the money you're handling all computerized. Doesn't matter if its a 20k or 30K live stream once they turn off the jackpot payouts, with a flip of the switch, its impossible to win.

  20. John Park says:

    Can i asking about your total losing money since you play game?

  21. R&S Slots says:

    Great video again NG

  22. R&S Slots says:

    NG you are awesome, keep the videos coming.

  23. Robert Kap says:

    Hi NG, have a great day amigo hope you enjoy a nice handpay later on. Take care Narek

  24. john yates says:

    Holy crap NG thats huge losses ,and seems like its just a walk in the park for you , i get so pissed when i loos $100 bucks ha h aha hope you smash it tomorrow NG

  25. Anonymous one says:

    NG you should make a trip to Choctaw casino in Durant, OK you would own the place. Good luck

  26. Susan Ruiz says:

    Watching from New York

  27. tung phan says:

    Why get your super charger to win hahahha real lies

  28. Amutha Sarangapany says:

    Ann..from Malaysia..Good Luck

  29. Pat Augsburger says:

    ng should think about taking the money ,when you win …ex: the 1st game !!!have a nice day ,pat

  30. liz m says:

    Hi NG. Can you play high limit dangerous beauty? It’s on the igt machine you played Cleo on. Love you! Thanks!!!

  31. Donna Decoteau says:

    Im new so I’m watching all the older videos

  32. Corey Hays says:

    Wow…machines are so tight!

  33. Rogelio Saenz says:

    Mañana será un mejor dia y estoy seguro te recuperaras!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Pamela Sena says:

    Hi NG

  35. Art Pili says:

    Wow, that was tough to watch. I agree, what the heck was wrong with those machines, so tight. Thank you for sharing NG, we appreciate all that you do.

  36. sal castillo says:

    Dang that was a bad session man.. i was going to go to the casino tommorrow but that made me decide to stay home this weekend! thank you for gambling for me man.. keep up the great content brother!!

  37. Rico EL GORDO LOCO Sabor says:

    Brutal session Narek. So sad watching you losing 10 Grand. When are you going to be back in Vegas?

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