14 thoughts on “$100ok Tremendous Excessive Curler Remaining Desk Highlights WPT World Championship”
  1. Henry Prayoga says:

    John juanda from Indonesian dude

  2. Frederico Santos says:

    TT losing to 74 is it's me everyday at Pokerstars

  3. Michael Gray says:

    Also love how Juanda just 3x shoves flop on 1065ss hand. Idt that’s a thing

  4. Michael Gray says:

    Bill Klein on the first hand said “icm? I’m worth billions of dollars, fuck ICM”.

  5. mark espinoza says:

    Rip robl hairline

  6. Rahul Bhat says:

    For the ist time I feel like all poker players at table are abnormal.. just saying..

  7. Sianipar Arfendo says:

    John Juanda is from Indonesia

  8. Erik F says:

    why would you ever look at a dead hand? Reverse freeroll: you can only get bad news.

  9. mich2020 says:

    take a shot for every time that moron says "big cheese "

  10. Soo says:

    Those were gross run outs

  11. A Re says:

    i will never understand the value in looking at your cards when your hand is dead anyway or there is some sort of misdeal.

  12. mouzz says:

    Robl won, his girlfriend… Uuf

  13. 7thejeff says:


  14. Misushi says:

    Well I know these were only the highlights, but this was probably one of the worst heads up i have ever seen. It was just straight up bad, they didnt even play the cards but just their chips. Only luck based. All in was bascially their only move.

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