39 thoughts on “$10,800 BONUS BUY ON HAND OF MIDAS SLOT”
  1. AyeZee says:

    Hey guys, this is a bit of a cool off from the 25K sub special but is obviously still a massive bonus buy so I hope you enjoy!
    If you haven't seen my new YouTube channel (Twitch Highlights) yet, the first episode was released yesterday and has some huge wins in (there will be a new one later) ➡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfLoHHigjIvZokhgjyVkW5A

  2. Colo Ssus says:

    :] – clsnz

  3. Ryan Sukenik says:

    So the God bleeds. You had quite the run going there. Both good and bad sessions are fun to watch though.


    Hello sir

  5. Alief Parmana says:

    Salam from indonesia

  6. Thomas Mihok says:

    Violated. Twitch TbneCapone.

  7. Uncle Traveling Mac says:

    Mmm – uncletravelingmac

  8. Onin Nunag says:


  9. Indra Eka Rama says:

    twitch – gameforlife_

  10. Zachary Owens says:

    Win thousands over the last how many videos then pout the whole vid

  11. Dominique Clayton says:

    Better luck next time….I enjoyed this video

  12. N19HTM4R3 says:

    Twitch: N19HTM4R3x
    Good luck

  13. Coast says:

    That was quite a painful session, hope you get some better luck next time


  14. Justin C says:

    Coinsss!!!! KCCOMI

  15. PUSHBACK says:

    In your last part of the video why you waste money for spin? Ig you giveaway that to the viewer and subscriber we were all happy for that

  16. Chris Pallister says:

    Unlucky session. This ones either win big or bust. Shame .

    Twitch : c_pallister

  17. Aken4thon says:

    Nice RTP , better luck next time mate stay away from scammy slots XD twitch akenathon88

  18. michael totua says:

    come on toby wake up lol love ya -sticky141

  19. Matias Ferri says:

    Como es para canjear el codigo??

  20. Sirbrute says:

    More like Hand of Shitass – DrEntropi

  21. Deividas K says:

    i realy like this slot thaat this didn't pay gl in next one – deivis874

  22. Christopher lavallee says:

    You lose watches on your videos because people spoil it in comments.

  23. Alens Mariss Sprūds says:


  24. Tsunpei says:

    Another fun one. Twitch – Tsunpei

  25. MDS says:

    This slot paid, when it came out, now its like supper rigged. Just look at his buys, every single one of them, was the same, lol

  26. Tadej Peršolja says:

    Continue your work,
    Twitch: Tadpe

  27. Levi Agcalon says:

    Why you still playing this game dude lol

  28. Scott Richardson says:

    Hey what country are these guys from??

  29. Giovanni Marino says:

    This slot is for braveheart and you are c’mon zee

  30. Bape says:

    Bad slot


  31. Linus Letko says:

    Jesus that was a rip. Twitch: BEEFVSUPREME

  32. GAMBLEZ says:

    25 spins smh – GAMBLEZ

  33. Michael Hinde says:

    That big buy is just jokes from 25 free spins, just what is the point. The 30x guarantee just doesn't seem worth the extra risk of the buy size vs just taking the normal bonus?

  34. khofi sufiwa al rasyid says:

    Ask pragmatic to delete this slot plsssss…..

  35. Jason Rushby says:

    I dunno why I thought you where gonna say 80% of you aren't followers, hahaha yes I know its a new channel twitch Rushby422

  36. brianpsx1 says:

    Hand of Midas spanks. When it hits, it goes boom.

  37. zepp4l says:


  38. Richard Dodds says:

    Love your content mate. Working, studying and raising a child is a big weight but I look forward to your videos and they help me chill the fuck out. Cheers

  39. Harley Shrubb says:

    unfortunately no profit 🙁 – Shrubbmanscoopxbl

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