20 thoughts on “$11,000 HIGH LIMIT Group Slot Pull 💰 $100/SPIN – $1,000/PERSON at Choctaw #advert”
  1. Marita Smith says:

    Did not like that machine at all. Not one red screen at 100 dollars a spin??? But, enjoyed the video. At least everyone got some money back.

  2. Lexa Wilson says:

    Hey Brian love watching your channel….Happy New Year to u Marco and the rest of your peeps from Regina Sk. Canada

  3. Laurie Caldwell says:

    Not one red screen for all that play, unreal

  4. Sabine Skurnack says:

    That's an audacity and a half! And that is why I don't believe in the so-called random number generator. This goes to show you that they can adjust their machines however they want. I'd have been LIVID!!!

  5. Dean Strange says:

    What happens when you win do you split it with the 11 people?

  6. jenny edwards says:

    That was terrible, They had that machine tight…

  7. Steve Winter says:

    Choctaw..yes pretty sure the place where they make you pay rake for each win on blackjack..what a joke..are the craps tables still diceless? Lol

  8. Margaret Cobb says:

    Ouch. Mr. Money Bags was being very stingy for the New Year celebration. One just never knows.

  9. James Misoschnik says:

    This would be what's called "jumping the shark" $100 dollars a spin!? To much…

  10. chim era says:

    The rolling of the machine are all the same.. It's computerized not to give anything..

  11. Campus X says:

    So not one red screen??? Thats terrible but looks like you had some cuties in the group pull so there that at least! 🙂

  12. phartsdust says:

    10:06 you hit the jackpot. Check the double click on the second reel, click click, yea it's an override. I played moneybags for too many years. Imagine never having to give out the big prize , unless you wanted to by using software magic. Anybody else notice this?

  13. John Walker says:

    How do the players get paid?

  14. Thomas Smith says:

    I came across your videos my mistake few days a go I don't even gamble but like watching you I'm from a wee place called BELFAST feel as if I know you lol good luck mate ..

  15. Daniel Lujan says:

    Ha love you brain that intro had me laughing

  16. SALLEH HD says:

    Happy new year Bro.. I'm Abu..from india ( tamil Nadu) But now work in Malaysia

  17. George Lint says:

    Happy New Year to everyone

  18. Debbie Webernick says:

    Does he use a players card

  19. Simply Me says:

    Happy New Year

  20. Paula Walton says:

    I was rooting for several red screens for you Brian! But that is good getting back $600.00? You could have got nothing. You know you have these haters out there that are so jealous. I am so proud of you for being the kind person you are and giving people the chance to play something they probably would not play on their own. Ya''ll will get em next time!

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