29 thoughts on “[12/14/2020] Michael attempting to hack the On line casino | TNT Carpet Bombing Check 1 | SNAD | Half 1”
  1. Ermac Macro says:

    Yo Michael has so much experience cubes. He should just slam all of that and become a pure god.

  2. Cody Miller says:

    at 3:56:03 it is painfull to watch him try to use restone wrong, i know how to use redstone an it hurts to see him fail

  3. Dayne Coveyou says:

    As Michal frequently says. 80% of the time chat has brain damage.

  4. Hemas Faisal says:

    "is your family missing ? Think about it"
    Thit shit stuck in my head now fck

  5. Falxie_ says:

    It's impressive how bad his chat is at redstone

  6. Falxie_ says:

    Michael should hook the drill up to DC power directly

  7. Tony Baloney says:

    I still love how this guy responds to comments

  8. Nillavile says:

    What is giving him the extra layer of hearts, (the orange ones) is it tinkers armor? If so how?

  9. suliman almuhisen says:

    man the fucking snad bit had me ROLLING

  10. Right left says:

    I feel like I'm watching dr stone on mountains of crack.

  11. Random Crackhead says:

    Dump it in the fucking ocean!!!

  12. N3ÜRØ ͔ says:

    I understand if it wasnt your fault but i was like im relying on this channel for the vods and i was getting sad bc you wherent uploading i put on notifications and still vhecked everyday. Thank you for uploading these they have helped me so much. Ps im not mad at you i was just sad. But he explains that he hasnt played in a while so its okay now

  13. niklas king says:

    I love how this guy dont know anything about normal minecraft SNAD part was rough

  14. JayFromThe 910 says:

    The Mykull Vs DaOttomated The war in the Minecraft Matrix coming soon…

  15. Jack Haskins says:

    Fucking catch up with the vods so I can watch the stream live, set notifications and get nothing

  16. GobboMNK says:

    Nice gorilla racks… should for sure bolt them to the wall my brophessor

  17. Noel Grünbaum says:

    2:20:59 you son of a gun

  18. Jacob T says:

    why not just take the name and balance of one of the guys on the leaderboard?

  19. FatiTank Drawings says:

    HisSnad Cactus farm kinda PepeJam…

  20. FatiTank Drawings says:


  21. FatiTank Drawings says:

    3:09:51 If I put down my Snad…

  22. Jinx Redfox says:


  23. Sorrymanagement 246 says:

    Did Michael and lily move into a diffrent house??

  24. Jinx Redfox says:


  25. Daniel Gilbert says:

    I have been seeing clips but haven't watched them till I could see this

  26. No Way Any How says:

    This is my gamer sups

  27. FatiTank Drawings says:

    I just want Reeves to scam that Casino…

  28. FatiTank Drawings says:

    19:18 Scamareeves

  29. Mian Ahsan says:

    Great job man keep it up.

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