20 thoughts on “12+ Pocket Pairs on the Bike!!! $2/$Three NLH | Poker Vlog #3”
  1. Vancouver 07 says:

    Nice vids subbed!

  2. Rdsxfan says:

    Get something on those cards. You never know when they get swept in by accident.

  3. B. Alvn says:

    i think you played the bottom two pair hand way too passively against two opponents…you are just asking to get sucked out on there…easy situation to get felted in, because you will never know if someone makes a random bigger two pair or set or something.

  4. B. Alvn says:

    kq hand, i would have folded there on the river (maybe even to the raise on the turn)…you don't beat that much at all, and when you called the turn you represented some strength and he kept betting in spite of giving you tremendous pot odds…he wanted a call there.

  5. Nguyen Tien says:

    In the last hand QT vs KA, She would not shove with any hand weaker than a boat there. So she could have pocket 4s, 9s, but with those hands, she would never bet the flop then check the turn. u should eliminate the weak hands like JQ, Q4, Q9 as well because she raised preflop, even if she was aggresive with JQ, there's no way she raised the flop & checked the turn.

    So the only hand that makes sense is "Js". If it was me I would have called anyway even though I was convinved that she had pocket Js, yet it's still fairly a small price to win that pot.

    You actually played that hand pretty well given the fact that her stack is not too deep. That check on the turn was tricky and induced her ot bluff you and that's the only way you could win that very big pot.

  6. laura Black says:

    I think the KQ on the turn is fold to the re-raise. By him raising you, he has announced virtually 95% of the time he is shoving the river. There is absolutely no card in the deck that can come where you will feel 100% comfortable calling it off. Even another Q you would be kinda sick calling it off, especially the Q of hearts as he may have turned a combo draw and the Q makes it all that much harder to make the fold. In those situations I may feel I may be ahead but I think the fold is better because there will be better spots latter on in the game to make money from where I am a lot more certain I have the best hand or I can move a villain off a hand. What people mostly forget as well is if you make that call and you are wrong, you may not go on tilt but your mind dwells on the fact could I have gone about things any different? Then you bleed money for 2 or so orbits because your full focus is elsewhere.

  7. Manto Pelino says:

    In the KQ hand i dont think he has 76 OR J10 we wouldnt raise u with the nuts on the turn and scare you , andd why would he shove the river when the full house and flush gets there ?? so i would put him in 99 and 88 that would make the bet on the river reasonable cause theres a lot of draws that u get value from

  8. Marco Liedekerken says:

    The KQ hand: on the turn Q987 you get raised and you just called.
    I think your opponent either has you beat, or he is on a draw. Either way you can expect an all-in bet on the river. If you call the draw heavy turn you have to call the river to catch his missed flush/straight draws!

  9. Juan Dominguez says:

    You play the hand good the problem that he had you out kicked and he saw that You had king Queen and he had Ace queen

  10. Orbit CY says:

    that maplestory intro song. I know you played that shit

  11. Yuri Smirnoff says:

    so QT….OOP…would be better to check call. Why u did not bet the turn?

  12. Yuri Smirnoff says:

    You raise QTo UTG +1 …also pretty loose. In FR you will get often get a raise + you had to play OOP(out of position).

  13. Yuri Smirnoff says:

    33 SB vs. BB? You have Position vs. SB. If it is a player who often fold on flop….you should CBET after a Check! Look for autoprofit….do ur math!

  14. Yuri Smirnoff says:

    22 pretty bad play.

  15. Yuri Smirnoff says:

    TT ist also a blocker hand! 22 UTG is pretty loose….does not matter SH or FR. Bad handrange in my opinion.

  16. John Blaze says:

    he did a semi bluff bet to make u think he had J 10 & got there on the river with a flush. he was'nt scared of a flush bc he shoves all in

  17. John Blaze says:

    i think he might of been playing AK clubs suited & got there on the river.

  18. d155408 says:

    Did you just review every hand in the 3 hour session

  19. jerry basurto says:


  20. Socal_Gambler says:

    Great vid. I am learning a lot watching your analysis. Keep up the great vids!

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