1. Enjoying Life says:

    Lol group pull on a 3$ max

  2. davieboy1970 says:

    It's actually $1,728 to each get

  3. Puccini Fan says:

    9:30. You're welcome

  4. Pauly Walnuts says:

    So nice to watch hits like this. Love it.

  5. Claudia Camama says:

    It’s all good, winnings and adulation.

  6. Fred B. BLOCK says:

    Damn, what's happening after this, it's tough to constantly win on slots! Stols is what's is a big factor for the HOUSE to pay its STOcK HOLDERS and employees! Man but it is FUN activity! I wonder how many years can can keep this Vlog going…the HOUSE WILL EVENTUALLY TAKE IT ALL…THE ODDS WAR NOT IN OUR FAVOR!

  7. Susan Moat says:

    Very exciting to watch!!! I usually don't care for slots. Video poker is my crack.

  8. fun sized says:

    Nice handpay, but I really hate playing single-line slots. I typically see so many variations of wins if multiple lines while were available and it drives me nuts

  9. Arcade Matt says:

    That was beautiful!

  10. Real Fire says:

    I usually tip the guy….

  11. gary shears says:

    When you play in a group, who pays the taxs, or does that also split 5 ways??

  12. Win H says:

    I just saw this but…YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  13. Kevin says:

    $1,728 each 5 people nice

  14. TAIT DARBY says:

    How much much Hand Pay? How much Tax deductions? Total?

  15. Jeri Lee French says:

    Time and a good stake!!!!

  16. Epic scratcher Fl says:

    Very nice ✌

  17. Florence Beasley says:

    Dude, have you EVER been in a casino before?

  18. Pedro Pedroki says:

    Who was the unlucky one that had to claim the jackpot??

  19. Dot Lynn says:

    Says not days,

  20. Dot Lynn says:

    Before the jackpot of $8640.00 is hit one of the guys days 8640 coming up.Makes me doubt the honesty of the video.

  21. ANTHONY MICHAEL 777 says:

    What casino ?

  22. Shirley Wooley says:


  23. Mike Nichols says:

    What was the Name of this Casino????

  24. Robert Odom says:

    1 question and a IMPORTANT QUESTION???. When you pool your $$$ together and hit for a TAXABLE AMOUNT. WHO claims the $$$ on their TAXES .
    * I KNOW HOW I WOULD DO IT , Just curious on how other organizations would handle it . thanks

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