22 thoughts on “$125 A Spin HANDPAY JACKPOTS & BIGGEST COMEBACK EVER ! Successful At On line casino”
  1. MrPanama9red says:

    Hey man, you are such a cool dude! ALL the luck in the world!!!!

  2. rami jims says:

    Your math is incorrect at the end

  3. Jhonny Thelusme says:

    The best Of the best NG Good luck

  4. Phil Busteed says:

    I am sorry for the saying about getting high and drunk. I moved to Hawaii just to get away from gambling. This has ruined many lives. Have fun and peace.

  5. Lisa Coffey says:

    NG, I don't know if I can keep watching! I am yelling at the machine like it's my money! Good luck!

  6. Nelson Martinez says:

    You rock bro..My top two favorite align with Lady Luck. Buena s suerte bro

  7. Lorraine Sullivan says:

    NG I was so sad you were down so much…. I was routing for you to get at least something back. Thank omg YOU HIT THOSE THREE JACKPOTS !!!!!!! I was hoping you caught that Major real high , ready to drop… Great ending for a Great Guy…breaking even is like a win !!!

  8. William Chua says:

    incredible comeback

  9. Michael K. says:

    Hey NG , wow brotha , I was feeling it with you , believe me I was , like your at that feeling where you put so much money in the machine and nothing and like it doesn't make sense, and then all of a suden ….NG best singer in 2021 hits for Jackpot !!!!! Congrats ahped I'm very happy u got money back and you were able to leave with a little profit. Thank you for the videos ….wishing you many many more hand pay jackpots.

  10. Laura Munoz says:

    Happy for you

  11. Sheng Khang says:

    HI NG

  12. Sean Miller says:

    Oof nice comeback but jeez that $125 bonus was so weak

  13. Marvilous McCammon says:

    He was crying and the devil showed himself. Great spin bro

  14. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos NG. Hope all is well my friend. Thanks for posting this.

  15. GLADY MILLS says:

    love the clown next to you ….lol

  16. Benji T says:

    I like your videos! Always play responsibly to everyone out there(don’t take your bank card and bring money you are ok with losing only). A dollar not spent is a dollar won! If you do play walk out as soon as you win! Casinos are designed to take everything in the long run.
    I won 3 majors in a single night on 2 different machines the one with the volcano I won 2 1400 and 1 on the leprechaun cartoon for 2125. I kept playing and lost it all. I still had to fill out tax form for hand pays, for nothing lol. Money is your livelihood and be careful! Thanks for your videos. Entertained!!! And appreciate your calmness!
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  17. Abatude 58 says:

    That casino sucks ok maybe not so m much

  18. shirlene t says:

    Very nice!

  19. Rebeca T says:

    My sister just asked me if you really played over $8000 out of your own money lmaoo but I LOVE Your videos!!! Your always staying positive I would be cursing and stomping out of the casino if I loose money lol

  20. Cibele Diniz says:

    Wow! What a come back!!

  21. Richard Kairnes says:

    Down 10,000! What a comeback! All started by a single spin (non-bonus spin)! Soooo many pandas… who would have though? Very exciting!

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