44 thoughts on “$12,900 BONUS BUY ON CHAOS CREW SLOT”
  1. Jacob Windle says:

    Ban that piece of crap game

  2. Olaf_ 5079 says:

    this slot is so bad…..

  3. Rietime says:


  4. Alekss says:

    I would like to see you playing slots without bonus buys, which has a chance to get 3 scatters and bonus. For example Madame destiny ( not megaways) my biggest win there was 300€ from 20 cents. Twith : ialexplayxd

  5. RE4L_LIFE_MP says:

    good vid bro

  6. makkaraimuri says:

    You boys really love to mate

  7. Xannis says:

    Just ban this game don’t touch it yikes

  8. TIAGO Veiga says:

    Hi , gamdom just bloqued Portugal with out even warning , they say i just Lost all my balance i had avaiable there , instead of warning so i could withdraw them … They say Portugal is bloqued and i lost all my balance, Lost my 1 LTC , can SOMEONE help me resolving this ? Any way of getting my money back

  9. makwa says:

    Ayezee!! Not my favourite game either. But I gave it some spins yesterday, $10 gave me a bonus and my biggest win ever, 4238x. Keep the content coming.

  10. Supermanz says:


  11. Riko says:

    twitch rikocet1

  12. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  13. Johan Heiwegen says:

    Got 2 cents on yhe gamdom chest. Thats so much that i wont play there haha

  14. Blackride09 says:

    Maate ban this slot already xD


  15. FrankeGambles says:

    Ayeeeee Twitch FrankeGambles

  16. Kyle Hawkins says:

    Hahahahhahaa !!!! well deserved

  17. The MASSIA says:

    I got a 2.1x on doghouse megaways………

  18. Engi Neer says:

    At first i doubted you but now you got a fan! Nice vids bro keep it up

  19. Colo Ssus says:

    gg – clsnz

  20. Ryan Castle says:

    Somuch potential but such a let down, next time bro

  21. Miljan Minic says:

    Music on this slot is so addicting, but playing is pure cancer… so volatile… Hope it pays massive one day! – nGene_

  22. Etienne says:

    haha hes my favourite streamer. liteaxtv

  23. Razvan Pascal says:

    This game si pretty sht. Twitch; jmrblack

  24. L. Reactions says:

    It seems like the $10 or less bets are the only ones that can pay lol. Have you hit a 500x or more on Chaos Crew with a higher bet size yet?

  25. Karlene Mcbride says:

    awful game

  26. Wihte Hat says:

    Chaos scan not screw

  27. Alex Fusco says:

    Put it on the ban list I don’t think anyone would mind that was a scam. I’ll throw you a sub for that BS.

  28. Crimson Viper says:

    Loved the stream today. Let's hope for more big wins tomorrow.

  29. Matt Redwood says:

    its a ripper 🙁 – MattyRedd19

  30. Seth Salesky says:

    Ban list lol

  31. Mitakaroto says:

    hello ticktocker Zee
    twitch- Mitakaroto

  32. MrXanderii says:

    Ayezee!!!! Gates of Olympus just saved my life bro. 500 x droped !!!!! 3000x my bet win. I seriously have to take this and run…omfg.

  33. Thomas Mihok says:

    I love Chaos Crew but it kicks me in the nuts every time. Twitch TbneCapone.

  34. michael totua says:

    wow stink game -sticky141

  35. Coast says:

    I feel bad that I was laughing at some of those buys, such a volatile slot.

    – Coastie

  36. Ryan Davidson says:

    Please never again. RIP balance

    Twitch Ryryan1991

  37. Alex Doran says:

    Twitch : alex_d117

  38. Cis Reyes says:

    This slot is not it. So hard to watch those blank spins. Twitch: cis_cf

  39. Sarah Francis says:

    Ban list! sarahxfrancis

  40. Milton Rivera says:

    enjoy the vids man you do great with them keep it up
    twitch: succisuccii

  41. Flaaash says:

    I love your video’s ayeezee @danielradic

  42. Janiek v.d. Duyn Schouten says:

    Too bad bro u will win next time -janiek1

  43. Rastislav Šofranko says:

    twitch: sofri_20

  44. Tadej Peršolja says:

    Nice videos,
    Twitch: tadpe

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