19 thoughts on “£1,300 Bonus Hunt!!”
  1. bob charlie says:

    Enjoyed that cheers.

  2. Angry Slots says:

    Nice hit on Chocolates. Had dropped that game lately as it was paying crap, but I'll have to take a look again.

  3. Gwen Davies says:

    Things are going your way again well done. Take care.

  4. Vamp Taff says:

    Well done fella another great vid plz keep them coming

  5. Alex Schulz says:

    BTG really makes you a rich man mate. Too bad all it does for me is ripping my balance

  6. iain maple 206 says:

    Nice one Azzi great win mate

  7. Geoff Felton says:

    Well done mate

  8. Fut Topps says:

    Hey azzi! Ehm see your giveaways I can’t enter to sign up because I banned myself so I don’t gamble loads as I had an addiction but is their anyway you could have a giveaway without signing up? So like people like me for instance can win something maybe ? And have a chance!! Great vid ahyway

  9. Holty2k6 says:

    AZZI: you know i like the Donuts ones better then this
    {1 second later}
    AZZI:WoW i think the games going to make me eat my word i like chocolates now
    ME: Azzi it just did hahaha great win

  10. Melly 21 says:

    I will realy enjoy this. Cheers for the upload 😀


    Nice Hunt, that,s what she said

  12. cremegg99 says:

    gg mate

  13. Paul Trickett says:

    Nice one , think forest gumb said it best when he said "life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're gonna get.”. And before anyone points out it was his mum that used to say it to him, but still very fitting . Good video bud lovely wins,. And you was very unlucky on the new pragmatic but new BTG pop is a good one .

  14. justin rome says:

    Nice mate

  15. Kojak K says:

    JAMMIN': tease tease tease.
    AZZI: ffs, I feel like it's gonna be one of those days.
    CYBERSLOT: Hold my beer.

  16. gerard short says:

    That was a right bastard of a tease AZZ on chocolates on £10 bud .

  17. Jack Shankly says:

    I just love coming home and watching you making a decent pal. Ive been following youfor ages and i no you have some terrible results , so happy for you that the past few weeks have been loads of gravy. Top fella , enjoy the spends pal.

  18. Lindsey mcintyre says:

    I wudnt give a s**t if I did bad on the slot battles with hits like them well done

  19. Andrew Barton says:

    Well done fella trud in some quality premium do dah this month

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