20 thoughts on “$13,500 JACKPOT HANDPAY on Double Freedom Reels – Magic Slot at Choctaw On line casino Resort Durant”
  1. Stan Patch says:

    Wtg you are a winner

  2. MR. B says:


  3. NoTrippinSlots says:

    What’s your secret?

  4. Vickie Wells says:

    how sweet

  5. Adam Welles says:

    I'm glad to see somebody winning atleast, cause I have been getting my add kicked lately!

  6. Debra Spivey says:

    Awesome!!!! Was this tonight. Wednesday?

  7. Shar Troost says:

    So glad u made it big

  8. Shar Troost says:

    Wishing you the best tonight

  9. Lawae' Williams says:

    ok THAT'S IT my dude…Change your name to KING SLOTS…or Slot Whisperer LOL! Great WIN!!

  10. Jerrie Freeman says:

    Congrats . Super win .

  11. Duplaa says:

    I want to start recording too, is it illegal?

  12. bradley says:

    I hardly ever get lucky or don't know when to stop

  13. Eric Friend says:

    Good one!

  14. Thomas Atkinson says:

    Upon request on a hand pay will Choctaw hold the taxes out, like Winstar? Thanks in advance and what an awesome hit.

  15. prinsess puppylovergirl says:

    How much would you recommend bringing (willing to lose) when trying to hit like that at the casino? The idea being playing high limit slots for bigger jackpots.

  16. Shar Troost says:

    Good luck tonight

  17. rich noggin says:

    Horryshit!!!! That will buy alot of shitttyshooshi that will give you worms!!!!!✊

  18. Yngrid de Matos says:

    So how much do you invest?

  19. Rebecca Beamer says:

    Sweet win. Congratulations.

  20. C C says:

    I think you are the luckiest gambler I've seen on Youtube…I used to go to Choctaw/Winstar when I lived in Texas and had better luck there. Payouts suck in CA where I gamble lol

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