19 thoughts on “$1,400 Stimulus On line casino LIVE Stream”
  1. Dominic dekelaita says:

    Do you literally eat scat and take loads? Im getting a certain vibe….

  2. David Espinoza says:

    This guy needs to spend less time on a slot machine and more time on a running machine

  3. Casino Kim says:

    Is this video playing Arnold's $1400 stimulus? Your channel makes $ above what qualifies for stimulus payments. Ring a ding!

  4. Jill B Ellis says:


  5. xxxhyundai says:

    On a positive note at least you didn’t cry and throw fits like NG does when he doesn’t win every spin. I had a bad day at AC yesterday also. I’ll give it a break today and try again Thursday tomorrow. Why didn’t you win a toaster at least. I heard they was giving them out lastnight there

  6. Kat Lilly says:

    I wish i was getting a stimmy!

  7. Susana Nevers-Probasco says:

    So…just wondering SD Guy…how's your Biden vote working out for ya….preach..

  8. Vincent M says:

    I think your 24 and 0 on your last 2 live streams. Redemption time!

  9. Мир Дому says:

    Если не отправишь мне 1000$ будешь проигрывать всегда

  10. enjoy_kiss_smile says:

    Damn slots…nice watching you play, though.

  11. Michael Davis says:

    Major ball kick

  12. Catherine Ribeiro says:


  13. Jeffrey Sansone says:

    That was BRUTAL!! Hopefully you will kick a$$ next time. I'm heading to Majestic Star later today. They are closing permanently on the 18th of this month, and the new Hard Rock in Gary, Indiana opens. Wish me luck.

  14. Evan Sawyer says:

    Awesome channel love the humor

  15. dog mah says:

    Girl you need a shave and a haircut! lol

  16. PeaceLoveHarmony82 says:

    I would like a little stimulation!

  17. Ryan Arrow says:

    That was tough to watch you getting kicked in the balls that many times

  18. Patrick Kyker says:

    This episode sponsored by Crisco.

  19. Anthony Bradley says:

    Think I just saw a dinosaur…
    A Kickintheballsasaurus

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