42 thoughts on “$180,000 BATTLE with Bryn KENNEY on Excessive Stakes Poker”
  1. Jonathan Little - Poker Coaching says:

    What would YOU do with 9♥ 7♥ on the turn?

    Your Stack (BTN): $490,000

    Their Stack (BB): $372,200

    Pot: $46,700

    Board: 5♥ J♥ 2♠ Q♥

    BB bets $27,000

    A) Fold

    B) Call

    C) Raise to $80,000

    D) Raise to $150,000

  2. Marius Hoel says:

    These are my favorite notifications! People really should turn them on!

  3. John Nicol says:

    Thanks for the video. The link for the draw quiz doesn’t work.

  4. Dave Rogers says:

    At 11.32 ( may be wrong its showing minus time on here) 425 bb deep i think kenney calls KQspades for 17k CR on flop every time IP and closing action, surely would be standard ?

  5. Tom Burgess says:

    i would raise 150 to pretend to bluff maybe wrong though

  6. K says:


    – 97s goes down in value, the deeper you are. Not the other way around. I believe 100 to 150bb are perfect stacks for such a hand.

  7. pokernmusic says:

    Call looking to play some rivers. If I raise and he 3 bets, I'm hating life. This deep I don't want all my money in the middle with the 9 high flush.

  8. THEKD0G says:

    I think just call. Maybe raise to charge sets and pair plus flush draws but then your in a tough spot if you raise and get 3 bet.

  9. Adriano Alves says:

    In Bryn´s shoes I´d call but not loving it

  10. Nick Cannavino says:

    Is folding the flop too tight? You're not getting a good price with just a flush draw

  11. Blake Lee says:

    I thought that check on the river was wierd, EV loss perhaps?. It would have been interesting to seen the analysis from Brandon's point of view. Isn't the more profitable play here to lead?

    On the river for Brandon, assuming trips and flushes will call (around 30 hands)

    full houses will raise (around 12 hands)

    and maybe even KhJ (3 combos) will bluff if checked to (what else got the river can bluff with the paired board? since you're holding the Ah, 34, 36, 46 would be such bad bluffs because of their unblocking properties)

    any AJ that called the turn probably is going to check it down.

  12. Toni Weigl says:

    On the river, I see so few hands we can get value from… I counted only 6 combinations of weaker logical flushes (did not count 82hh e.g.), there are way more hands that beat us.
    There is a certain calculation for finding the right Betsize in Bryns shoes, right? I mean, I like the 40% on the river, would be interested, if this is mathematically right

  13. Kineahora says:

    Well, I just got over flushed when I raised this spot on the river the other day.
    That said, we just surmised Steven has strong made hands on the flop we are now beating, bigger flush draws that now have us crushed, and high equity flush draws like 43h that we are now crushing, as well bluffs. So fold is way out. I like a call. Because this allows the bluffs to keep bluffing, and doesn’t put more money in the pot vs the overflushes. I think big Jacks are now very unlikely as Steven woulda check the turn. But sets are in and if we knew he had a set we would jam. But I think he has more bluffs and flushes combined than sets.

    B) call

    P.s. Jon how does he have a Jack on the river after his turn lead? I think I would make a * very* small river bet. I think he has mostly flushes at this point. [ha! I was right! At least on this hand!]

  14. David Gibbins says:

    Raise. Main reason is I don't want him to hit a higher 4 card flush. Now it's a matter of how much. Conservatively I think $80k is fine. $150k should push out most hands. It might even push out a higher single heart. $80k is my raise and prepared to fold to a shove

  15. KEKW_SPAMMER says:

    Thanks for the review JL. this hand was super interesting!!

  16. KEKW_SPAMMER says:

    Why did brandon check the river? Was he afraid of a FH or he wss trying to bluff catch bryn?

  17. KEKW_SPAMMER says:

    I would call the turn bet. I feel like raising might give away out hand. And if we are up against a stronger flush, we will have a tough decision if we are facing a big bet on a bloated pot on river.

  18. Michael Clifford says:

    Multiway hands with raises you normally want to represent the effective nuts or block it so I wouls probably call/call most of the time without the A ❤

  19. One Love says:

    Is internet poker rigged? Every time I get a pair of ace's, no matter how I play them I always lose. 5 Times on the trot at pokerstars.

  20. Carson Lau says:

    Check back the river? Brandon check-raised on the flop, repping strong draw or set that would've hit on the river.

  21. Swiftclaw123 says:


  22. Bryan Fisher says:

    the way brandon played the hand he could of flopped top set and ended up full I think I would of checked back the river

  23. FTW Strategy says:

    Calling Dwans bet and then Stevens raise on the flop really seems to turn our hand face up. Decent Jx at best, weak draw at worst. When Stevens bets that turn that size he does not have Jx in his range so I don’t know what you are really hoping to get value from on the river. This seems like a very optimistic hand

  24. FTW Strategy says:

    If we call the flop, I think the turn has to be a call as well. Raise is too face up imo

  25. Cristian Herling says:


  26. Samuel Biondolillo says:

    C) Raise to 80k

  27. h says:

    suited JT or J9 might be the button bluffs here? to get someone off those middling/poor flushes? in which case bb wouldn't want to call with a J. but maybe that's a terrible turn call for the button. I dunno, just a spitballin fish here

  28. Ty West says:

    Didn't expect him to flip up that big flush, makes sense on the flop raise and turn bet though. Nice hand

  29. Michael Hyland Jr. says:

    i would call so i can get more value if he triple barrels the river as a bluff

  30. Gideon Brennan says:

    Call. The same logic as on the flop applies with wanting him to keep barrelling his junky draws, and in position we can always put in the raise on the river. Obviously if another heart comes off on the river its not ideal but I think its worth it to keep him bluffing his junky hands and missed draws.

  31. John Wuest says:

    Should Brandon Steven really not raise at the end, assuming only full houses , flushes , and sets call , would it not be profitable to raise ?

  32. Squid Moto says:

    I would call because if you raise, your likely only getting called by better flushes or a hand with great equity like AhJx or better or sets.

  33. frankie wu says:

    Call and call unless hearts comes

  34. CapLobo says:

    On the river, you state you're trying to get called by a jack. But what single Jack bets the scary turn card for almost 2/3 pot?

  35. Ota Nalezinek says:

    D. – if he doesnt have AhKh we win as he can call with JJ – edit: ok – edit 2: nevermind with pairing the Q

  36. Joey Bets says:

    I think i just call the turn and call the river if brandon steven barrells again because his range has to many nut hands to raise into

  37. House of Paine says:

    I think the check on the end by Brandon was good when the board pairs bc Kenny can def have some trips that turned into boats bc that’s part of his range when he calls the flop check raise. Kenny would def value bet some worse hands when checked to where if Brandon bets could get away from

  38. Matt Fox says:

    Brandon small blind flatting range screams small pairs, small Ax suited and maybe even some AQ off or AJ offs. The line he takes is consistent with flopped sets, flush draws. I think I would definitely check back this river card.

  39. Mateo EnFuego says:

    I feel honored to be one of the 8.2% !!

  40. Clap Forboobies says:

    Call. If I raise and he goes over the top I may have to fold

  41. jppagetoo says:

    I would just call. Raising here is a pretty strong move and you will get all the marginal/lesser hands to fold out. If you get called you are behind or could be by the river. If you get raised back you are probably going to fold. A call seems likely to get the job done.

  42. Nick Mullen says:

    Can Brandon ever go for the river check-raise with the A high flush? Maybe raise to something like 150k or something like that? Or in that case do you think he's only getting called by boats? Interesting spot but I think with the nut flush in that spot I'd be inclined to go for a big value bet or maybe even a thinnish c/r. Then again when they're playing for a couple lambos so who knows what I'd actually do. Check call just seems kinda passive. What do we think?

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