11 thoughts on “1st Ever Dwell On line casino Slot Play from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!”
  1. Naamah218 says:

    I like your channel much better than Rajas. You are nice, polite and cool to watch and listen to.
    Good luck!!

  2. Amelia Haynes says:

    I probably will never get to go there but good luck to you and The Big Jackpots

  3. LaRae says:

    Love that you have a channel now BOD. I have really been enjoying your livestreams. Hey! Bonsai has a really good voice, too!

  4. Jimmy Mercedes says:

    Lucky you cod you have nancy for good luck hehehe

  5. Tddnenc says:

    u sound just like RAJA

  6. Zulma Santiago says:

    Brian are you Raja friend or business partner??

  7. Mariejules Jiy says:

    If I'm going to Las Vegas my hotel room it's on Raja which I don't money for hotel I'm going to asking my mom for the ticket air line let see

  8. Indescribable Love says:

    You need to add "video poker" in your description you will get way more views! Love video poker!

  9. Runaway Rose says:

    why don't you go to small casinos to promote there buissness to help them recover like a recovery tour have patrions meet up and gamble and and have fun.

  10. Eagle Sales says:

    I’ve never seen anyone p
    lay Ultimate X live. Thanks. And nice hit!

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