21 thoughts on “1st Ever Reside Craps Sport filmed on the Fremont Resort and On line casino in Downton Las Vegas! Half 2”
  1. Toshi Taroman says:

    would be nice if we didn't have to listen to the inane conversations

  2. Toshi Taroman says:

    "uncle you went shoot this morning?" Bwahahaha

  3. Rickie rubalcava says:

    You guys all seem like such nice guys! And gal! I live out here in Vegas and will HAVE to visit you guys when you come out. I’d love to shoot with the shooters!

  4. Alejandro Garcia says:

    Does your team not play the passline on opposite end of shooters?

  5. Pete 0 says:

    Too much fun! Thanks for making these videos.

  6. John Murphy says:

    Cool movie trailer!! Thanks for the videos!

  7. billybonewhacker says:

    Is that hoku ,money shot, and g money .so many big names in one spot. Hawaii island of morons

  8. Joey Zamalkany says:

    Come to Atlantic City!

  9. Dale Moore says:

    These videos are great!!

  10. billybonewhacker says:

    The whole time you just keep saying as they played….stfu to that drunk skeezoid

  11. Papa Kalz says:

    great video with all type of rolls and bets. Your group has a great time together

  12. Clews says:

    60 in a row? insanity

  13. Chad Blackwood says:

    Great dual camera action

  14. Steve Botello says:

    Great Session! Money Shot with the Big Roll!!! Tons of Fun…thanks for sharing and Thank you to Fremont!

  15. David Cooper says:

    Thanks for the video Bryan, my wife just booked us a Vegas trip and I want to play at the Fremont so I can get a new hat or jacket…lol

  16. Bigdaddy Torres says:

    Do you have a schedule of where you’re going to be? Love to see y’all in June! Howdy from Texas!

  17. 555 Craps says:

    Howzit! There were a lot of 3 craps thrown. Rock on!

  18. Osman Kamal says:

    Wow seems like a super cold table. Hope you guys make a good comeback!

  19. OG Aquatics says:

    Going to be there this Sunday and can’t wait

  20. Anthony Cannon says:

    I'm ready to see some live rolls and make a few bets

  21. 817OldManFuji says:

    Alriiiiigth!!!!! The anticipation!!!

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