33 thoughts on “1st JACKPOT On YouTube For Clover Hyperlink Slot ! $500 Problem To Win The TOP PRIZE ! Ultimate EPISODE”
  1. Blocka Datnikka says:

    So I guess betting 10-30 is best way to go

  2. ᄋᄋ says:

    Wow! I like this game. Thanks for play! Nice win!

  3. doglover Treacy says:

    What casino are you playing c!over links at? I play this in a casino in NY S and !I've this game. Just one $2050 on $10 bet at 2 cent demon. Had a $1000 and $500 clover during the clover bonus!

  4. Erkan Egeli says:

    NG hi,
    Would you play more clover link good luck.

  5. Milton Billings says:

    I don't care much for the way these newer machines are headed. The bonus is nearly impossible or actually not impossible unless it gives a rumble. I like to be able to trigger a bonus with a spin. Knowing it's not possible unless a rumble, takes a lot of fun out of it. What's the point in showing a close bonus trigger, if it will never do it on a stand alone spin.

  6. Art Pili says:

    Nice, good way to end your $500 challenge series NG. Thanks for putting up your win/loss statement at the end of the video. When other channels just show jackpot after jackpot, that's not the true story. You show the reality. Continue with the great content buddy.

  7. Kaleo K says:

    Love the Monthly stats at end #justkeeping it real

  8. Eurobonus ABC says:

    Appreciate the loss summary at the end – think it is important as all these WIN vids give people the impression that it is so easy to win on slots.

  9. j rehcs says:

    Ng how about Monday buffalo slots challenge

  10. Valerie Naylor says:

    Good luck

  11. Patricia Kelly says:

    best luck ng

  12. Rosie BP says:

    Nice win NG! Can’t wait to meet you and catch you at a casino soon 🙂

  13. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Thanks for summary at the end. You really are teaching us so much about the slots life. You are #1. Always honest!!

  14. Ryan says:

    Feels like betting high limits is a complete waste of time. Stick to 12.5 – 25…maybe 50 on the occasion. Going higher is pointless no matter how much you have to spend.

  15. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    Nice double up profit!!

  16. Sandy Beaches says:

    NG your accent is very sexy
    Love the videos !!!

  17. sanda secic says:

    Yayy, you finally played it. Thank you so much! Those machines either pay good or don’t pay at all. I won $1,600 on that machine playing 50 cents a bet on a 1 cent denom this past thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe it. I wish that our casino still had Novomatic’s “Eye of the Dragon.” It was the best machine ever, but was replaced with the “Clover Link.” I don’t even know if they still make those machines, but they were great. Thanks again!

    By the way, when you have a full screen, it multiplies (2X).

  18. Donna Powell says:

    Greatest gamer ever

  19. Donna Powell says:

    Good luck how can my Neice gain subscribers to her channel

  20. Pamela Sena says:

    Good luck NG

  21. Early Horizon says:

    Wonderful!! I love watching you play!

  22. Andrew R says:

    Awesome Win NG! Show me the power of ur bonus!

  23. Guy Stephens says:

    nice one Ng, gonna miss 500 challenge.

  24. The Original Mrs. D says:

    Hi NG! I wish you more handpays for the next session! I appreciate that you shared the total losses (next time total wins!!!) at the end of the video – very insightful. Good luck!!

  25. R H says:

    Hi NG
    Thumps up & good luck always

  26. panchucko says:

    Nice double up, always enjoy watching you make a profit

  27. Andrea Mooney says:

    Love watching you play !! Wishing you all the luck!! Say hi to cleo 2 !! God bless!

  28. RainsWorld VegasSlots says:

    I didn’t know this machine could pay anything I’ve tried it at different denoms and it was horrible. You caught it at just the right time love it NG❤️

  29. Hammer Time says:

    So what do you do between the first am session and the pm session? Do you hang out or where do you go? BTW is the $1000 episodes starting April 1 going to be at the Cosmo or some other casino?

  30. Dar's Travel & Adventures says:

    Play more Cloverlink

  31. azmary1 says:

    Love all your videos. Sometimes binge watch… on your next low limit am challenge play the machines WITHOUT jackpots… or every other day. ..and at the end of 30 challenges compare 15 with to 15 without "growing" jackpots.

  32. tigersan34 says:

    The game almost looks like online slots

  33. G A Smith says:

    NG I love your videos!! While other slot players make their's so emotional (gag) you keep yours FUN!! ❤️

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