30 thoughts on “1st JACKPOT ON YOUTUBE!! for Fortunate Tea Get together Slot – AWESOME!”
  1. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos says:

    What a great game with insane potential as is its clone, Jack's Riches, where I also scored a great win on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=galO1CozfQM Thanks for watching and if you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBP

  2. TrendyTroylyn says:

    Thanks for sharing Tim!

  3. G Money Slot Machine Videos says:

    Awesome indeed my friend and on a wilds feature too. Obviously sometimes we don’t need a bonus to win big!

  4. Linhda L says:

    Wish you reach 100k sub soon.
    I was your sub at 5k lol good luck!

  5. Ck Frausto says:

    Wow!!!.. I love this game. Congrats Mr. BP. Another one for the books..

  6. Headersbetter SLOTS says:

    I've played this a couple times. It's such a fun game!! Congratulations

  7. Karen Coyle says:

    Wonderful video, as always! I just love how positive and excited you remain, and the very detailed look at individual slot games you provide. Thanks for what you do!

  8. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    This was great Tim! So cool seeing all these new AGS games on your channel and you do so great on them!

  9. J. D. says:

    Tim, your personality is your success. The slot videos are great but you're the reason they are successful.

  10. Dennis Daniels says:

    Hey Tim, terrific profit session on the lucky tea party slot machine, but you did win the first handpay!

  11. TheMartinezpepe says:

    Always great videos, question, at what dollar amount do you move if the machine is not giving ANYTHING?

  12. Nathan Williams says:

    What a great handpay on Lucky Tea Party, Tim. I have seen that one at the casinos near me and always pass by it, but now I might have to give it a chance. So, since you got that handpay would you say you have "cracked" Lucky Tea Party or would you play it again? Always a nice escape to watch your videos. 🙂

  13. Kat Morris says:

    Congrats Tim!!

  14. SLOT ANGEL says:

    That was fun! Nice Jackpot! Congratulations!

  15. Sherry Price says:

    Congratulations that looks like fun I know I had fun on it Saturday night. I got the Cheshier cat bonus. Won a few hundred dollars. We were having a I can't drive 55 80s party for my birthday and the whole group of everyone went to Margaritaville. The best part of it was no mask finally could breathe at the casino. I know you're too young to remember Dynasty but I dressed up as Alexis, but blonde. Lol
    P.S. I am joining your patreon group just trying to figure out what level cuz I doubt I could ever make it to where you're at to do a group pull.


    Amazing hit Tim, love that both features and that line hit came on the max bet!!!

  17. bubu rocka says:

    No jackpot music

  18. 940 Baby says:

    This a great game

  19. SeetherChild82 says:

    the more i watch your videos, is fact that you are a true genuine gambler, the way you explain the game and your pure enjoyment is so contagious. would love to gamble with you someday at greektown. 😀 keep it up

  20. Don Warnick says:

    I love the money count up music. I’d like to see a machine that awards $1199 as a novelty

  21. Angela South says:

    Really boring this session

  22. Donna McCann says:


  23. Joseph Gutierrez says:

    Very nice blessings Amen have a blessed night Amen

  24. Pooki's Slots-To-Do So Little Time says:

    That was amazing! Dude i was playing Jack's Riches the other night and i was doing $1.50 a spin low rollin i decided to go .75 c minimum bet and ended up hitting a bonus, collected 49 beans i believe! on a minimum bet got all 4 reels active it was a great bonus ended with like $284 win from it. Twas a first for me to unlock all the reels on it!

  25. Lillian Crawford says:

    Cute game congratulations way to go!!

  26. Lee Lee says:


  27. slotvideos says:

    That was a great jackpot! And first on YouTube amazing!!

  28. Joey Aaron says:

    Nice win, FINALLY!!! The game looks inviting, but the regular line payouts aren't there. The bonus portion of it is nice, but you have to really cross your fingers for the bonus balls to come out to get big payouts. Again, nice win!

  29. Laurie Jo says:

    What a great game! Congrats!

  30. James Cheatham says:

    Cool game, nice jackpot. Lol, just enough to pay taxes. Waiting on this game locally.

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