18 thoughts on “✔ 1st Spin BONUS on HIGH LIMIT Sky Rider Deluxe at San Manuel”
  1. Comp It says:

    We really enjoy watching your content.

  2. Jo-Ann Andrews says:

    I don’t
    Iike rude machines…..move on.

  3. Ramon Diaz says:

    Talking to much.

  4. Guam Bat says:

    $187 on a $15 bet?! That game is weak!

  5. Billy Harston says:

    Did he introduce it as watching Brian Chris on slots? Did he say that or something else?

  6. Pamela Garza says:

    Sky rider !!

  7. Pamela Garza says:

    Love this game !!!

  8. Michelle Akbar says:

    Took out sky rider at my local

  9. Dravan151 says:

    sorry to say but its pronounced bonzie …ur dicrasing the language see …lol

  10. Brian S. says:

    What a dead horse that airplane game was.

  11. Dkaio says:

    damn u really botched that sky rider bonus

  12. Dennis Daniels says:

    How was your Christmas, Brian?

  13. Linda Ardo says:

    I love Double Diamond Deluxe!!

  14. Guy Bonadonna says:

    I like watching you play Slots the video you played with the low-balling that was a good one

  15. arcadian mystic says:

    i have noticed that if a game is playing really well and you hit a bonus and still playing and paying you only do a few back up spins after winning or breaking even after a bonus but when u get a bonus and it is playing bad you lost 200

  16. Harry Gumba says:

    banza smanza please stop sounding so ****

  17. Kimber Fae says:

    Love Sky Rider and Diamond Queen! Sweet win!! ❤️

  18. Tom Masters says:

    Again your volume on "Double Diamond Deluxe" was way too loud,

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