27 thoughts on “1st Spin HANDPAY JACKPOT On Excessive Restrict Dragon Hyperlink | GOLD BONANZA Slot”
  1. NG Slot says:

    Premier 2 At 5pm PT ! $50 Bet JACKPOT : https://youtu.be/269pDdorzx0

  2. Pamela Sena says:

    Good luck NG

  3. Natasha Smith says:

    Next time play Bombay right behind you thank me later

  4. RavSingh Rajput```` says:

    If the machine knows you, then how come it doesn't know me!!!

  5. RavSingh Rajput```` says:

    I'm sorry but 9 out of 10 you lose, and the fact is nobody wins by probability…
    The machines don't know you and me

  6. Dorothy Jones says:

    Best singer in 2020 and 2021! Good luck and congrats on your first spin

  7. Glenda Sully says:

    congratulations on your first spin bonus win

  8. michael tipton says:

    Show me the power of your bonus!
    Oh you did.

  9. Maya Bell says:

    today I bet $10 in lightning link machines (also dime, $1 and) only on $2 denom got free game, I won $200. Eww 20X. Terrible. Then I seen a woman bid $5 on a dime denom and win $1000 (that's 200X). It just sucks! I tried so hard to win a few hundred dollars, maybe $800 or $1000. But no, the machines just don't want to give the hold and spin feature. Only $160 and $50 line hits and 1 free games 20X.

  10. Ron Lorentzen says:

    Awesome to see send me two t shirt and 10 lucky bracelets I won't send you Bill

  11. Hilda Lugo says:

    The grandpa slot machine is my favorite! Thank you for playing.

  12. Jason Lueck says:

    Bombay last spin and NG first spin. Luck is with you my friends.

  13. Jason Lueck says:

    King of the minis!

  14. Sheila Hall says:

    I would have left after 1st spin

  15. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos NG. Thanks for posting this.

  16. Procopio Batongbakal says:

    What a 1st spin.
    Good luck NG

  17. Marvin Freeman says:

    Nicely done I need some good luck

  18. Ralph Bennett says:

    That's not music

  19. Donna Powell says:

    Thanks NG good job

  20. Gianna Bloomer says:

    I appreciate ALL your episodes. Thank you Ngggg!

  21. Cuon Ly says:

    Can you play some old games please
    Too much links boring

  22. Art Pili says:

    I only caught the last few minutes of your premiere stream from earlier today so I am replaying the whole session now. I had just came back from Glendale Galleria and I was looking for you there. Haha. Fantastic first spin bonus and fantastic singing.
    You can compete with Andre or Անդրե for best singer! Thanks for sharing buddy.

  23. Andrew Walker says:

    What did you do to prevent your hand pay?!

  24. Zina Cooper says:

    Wow NG that was AWESOME!

  25. Thomas Ralabate says:

    Epic….Congrats. Now that is what i call the power of the bonus on the first spin.

  26. Elizabeth Millar says:

    Back in the day, as your Uncles told you NG? We were getting handpays left & right on $1.25 nickel denom. Machine bonuses also regularly $200-$300 on average, sometimes higher. Casino gaming industry is slowing cooking players like frogs in a pot of boiling water to accept less and less at higher bets. Love you NG and channel, videos. But I am wondering how much farther they will push it as today’s standards of betting are already way too high for expected payback. Best e.

  27. jojo z says:

    Oh wow Every first spin should be this way haha!! Excellent job!! Congratulations #NGSLOT!!

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