22 thoughts on “2 HANDPAY JACKPOTS On Excessive Restrict Slot Machines | Loopy Excessive Restrict Motion & JACKPOTS | SE-10 | EP-8”
  1. Jose Martinez says:

    Me están diciendo me están diciendo que agregue un comentario público yo le digo que YouTube es lo más grande que existe un saludo a todos los amigos de YouTube y a los amigos Gracias De parte de Pepe Miami Florida

  2. Kyle R says:

    I like these fun older games. Nice job NG!!

  3. Kody Rafdahl says:

    Yess i like duck stamps too

  4. Kody Rafdahl says:

    Free games one bunny is one free games

  5. JOEWEN Dk CHaNNeL says:

    I would like to see u playing poker . Live poker . Like Brad Chanel .. juts onces it's good to me! Please NG

  6. Jackie Schuld says:

    Love Lobster, go and have some for dinner!!! Great progressive hit.

  7. caddyman1962pp says:

    WTG NG

  8. reuven Belsky says:

    Ng u should play roobet slots much better payout

  9. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome 2nd spin jackpot, congratulations! I had a feeling you were going to hit one

  10. Debby S says:

    Great hit on Lobstermania. I remember that video when your neighbor hit $28K on it. Congrats on your profit. Enjoyed watching.

  11. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! Nice to see a come back .

  12. Gail Glick says:

    I'm glad you didn't lose money!

  13. Kevin Overall says:

    If I hit a 2700 dollar jackpot I’d be in my car headed home in a about 5 min. Lol

  14. Dan Daly says:

    Ftn 80)3#7”2

  15. synseer 84 says:

    Finally my powerful friend!

  16. Raymond Mcintosh says:

    Ng you should play cards you have a little better chance to win

  17. 피자치킨 says:

    얼굴상이 한국에도 많은 얼굴상이로다

  18. Glenda Sully says:

    That session was a lot of fun to watch

  19. Gold N Slots says:

    What's going on my Brother??

  20. Angie Rosales says:

    Enjoy &Goodluck stay safe

  21. Miro Celic says:

    NG is the best G.

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