35 thoughts on “2 Remaining Tables! 💸 Late Night time Poker Session!”
  1. emanuel freita says:

    You could upload more content of poker please ?

  2. S C says:

    I think the only mistake you made in that j 7 bluffing hand was your flop 3 bet was too low, you only min re raised, had it of been like 3x , 4x higher he probs would of folded tho I don't know how he called the re Raise and the turn bets but hi whatever your level of skill, the way your playing works for you and you've had some great and big success that way both live and online so excellent mate, congratulations, keep grinding those wins out

  3. Nozzer Slots says:

    Well played mate GG

  4. Frankenstein's Gambling Channel says:

    loved the poker content mate, nice little change from slots

  5. Logan Skelton says:

    GG WP man now take down the SCOOP Main lol

  6. David Nagy says:

    You shoud only play poker…

  7. I AM Pro says:

    Well done bro

  8. mark fallon says:

    You in 215 Thursday thrill ko 2moro scoop game Rock androlla at 6 pm cost me 4 dollors ha see there' are 750thousands on poker stars gurature

  9. AshleyBobLes says:

    A3 vs K8 is not a flip

  10. YouKnowMe BigDee says:

    Congrats mate

  11. T J says:

    Going deeper in two tournaments in one day than Jamie Staples and many others have in months. Well done mate, regardless of all the advice you receive in chat you are onviously doing something right.

  12. Gobi Bratulescu says:

    I get all excited when i see you winning at poker, especially at pokerstars(what a shitty platform!) congratulations and greetings from Romania!

  13. Redvexer says:

    you need to stream more poker Paul 😀

  14. Peaceganjareggae says:

    I will never do a deal. I play to win.

  15. DP youTrs says:

    You know captain davo channel is deleted. Such a fake player, fraud

  16. Neil Atherton says:

    Het Paul. You may not be a pro poker player but deffo a pro yawner 🙂

  17. James Doble says:

    Yeah I think that J7 you have to bomb the river, its a tough call and me might make it but generally most are folding there on the river. Well played though 🙂

  18. Paul Cini says:

    Mate most of these so called poker experts on here have probably never even come close to sitting across from Patrick Antonius. Nice cash and great vid

  19. DaGreenBlazer ! says:

    2 amazing 2nd places – great games mate!

  20. mivec gpx says:

    You was tired but 3hrs work for some serious dolla

  21. ocelot. says:

    whats the RTP on online poker

  22. Chris S says:

    This channel has become weird addict cackola, like a webcam in a crack house

  23. Bart5800 says:

    I know a million people have said it but yeah only things are the call with 33 and possibly
    The trip 10s hand, better to check and let them gang themselves, way more likely when your hands basically the nuts on that board. But that’s 2 sick runs for someone that only plays for fun mate. Nice one! Deffo more poker!

  24. Jort Berg says:

    It is way more fun then winning a jackpot 11k in roulette isnt it, gg get in mate

  25. Jager Bombz says:

    I’m so glad rolla leaves comments on, and takes criticism on the chin.

  26. DJG 1989 says:

    youre wrong mate theres hardly any good poker pls in the comment section. just a load of pigeons w shit opinions but that use poker lingo so that they give off the impression they know what theyre talking about. iv trawled thru and most ppl talking our their arse. at least you have good self awareness when it comes to playing as most people are a bit deluded. congrats on the $

  27. Lars Vegas says:

    Rolla runnning hot at poker at the moment!! Verry nice to see! Gl in the future. Luv you!

  28. Glackles dezub says:

    Nice score Rock n Rolla! I think the fold with 33 is fine since the payjump is worth more than the guy's bounty, so ICM wise good fold!

  29. trevor bacciochi says:

    What dose Icm stand for…

  30. Richard Cook says:

    Calling off the stack with AQ was awful, nice river though ha

  31. Barry Scott says:

    Also I didn’t see when I made the first comment but in the bounty you can shove heads like aj it better with 20 bigs as you’ll get looked up so light because of your bounty.

  32. Barry Scott says:

    Paul you played fine till Heads up that needs work but you know that. Every video you put up you can see you’re improving. Just look at heads up and bb chive charts. Free to access. Glglgl

  33. joy tibet says:

    GG well deserve it

  34. 0wnagerz3 says:

    I enjoy ur poker vids! Make more of em <3

  35. HooFlungPoo says:

    Well played Paul you played to your strengths and made some decent decisions the equaty was so close on a few, that it's matter less, it still got you 2nd place twice. nice one

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