25 thoughts on “$20-$30/Spin ⬆ HIGH LIMIT SLOTS at Agua Caliente in Palm Springs #advert”
  1. Jeri James says:

    Another bad machine.

  2. T L says:

    Quick hits are never good to me.

  3. Susan Daniel says:

    Black panther

  4. arcadian mystic says:

    hell 5 dollars a spin makes me clinch up when i play, i can not imagine that much per spin.

  5. Arcade Soldier says:

    Nice video brother.
    Just to let you guys know, I've started my own YouTube channel doing Arcade games. I would appreciate if u guys show me some love n subscribe to my channel. I have some good videos coming out in a few day. Take care everyone.

  6. gary corning says:

    Brain, That sphinx stinks and could not count past two!!!

  7. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt. You are a high roller today. Congratulations on your winnings on those nice bonuses. 10x times machine was a bust.

  8. Molly Allen says:

    That server was a good luck charm for you.

  9. Chris Meister says:

    Thank you thank you for playing my favorite- Cleopatra!

  10. Marielys Braund says:

    Betting more dosnt guarenty a win i recently had a $500 fireball on a $5 bet. Paid 660

  11. MadKustomControllers says:

    Majestic sea looks like “cats”

  12. Julia P says:

    Great question JD. I saw Brian and Britt at Choctaw and didn't want to bother them.. He had just hit a 2k

  13. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Gave it a great try Brian! Love your videos!

  14. Ultimate Gamer says:

    So glad I found your channel again man awesome !

  15. James Russler says:

    I have to pause and comment first machine in.
    Brian you carry the biggest horseshoe up you ## it's awesome to watch you play.
    Line um up.

  16. Cindy Myers says:

    Brian…Great Hit on Quick hits…I really like to Play in the High limit room… Hoping that you and Britt are having a good day…Thanks…e Lin

  17. christopher ortiz says:

    Majestic sea has one of the biggest line hits. I think the sharks pay $1500 for $1 a line. Tales of Hercules and midnight eclipse also have really good line hits. I think $1000 per $1 line

  18. Gwen Fahri says:

    Love you and Britt so much fun watching you play

  19. Ssndi Steele says:

    Love Majestic Sea, thanks for playing it.

  20. Cathy Castiglione says:

    I like those "twin" symbol games – lots of fun and potential. Thanks!

  21. Mark Liberatore says:

    Prowling panther?

  22. Sarif Dur says:

    Hello brother ❤️ I am ur new subscribe I like ur videos nice videos I'm from Pakistan

  23. Patrick Smith says:

    How do you pick the machine to play

  24. Ryan Raymond says:

    I just liked and shared your video Brian have a wonderful day

  25. david mccleary says:

    You have a very nice 1st day of school haircut lol

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