17 thoughts on “$200/$400 Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu GRUDGE MATCH (1/13/21)”
  1. panda4ever99 says:

    That guy with glasses from down left side of the screen looks a little pale,not very healthy,skinny…How many hours are these guys spending playing online poker?

  2. Tae Lee says:

    Mike Brady seems to be some kind of tool…..

  3. Dmmck says:

    as a Scot, there's nothing more annoying than another Scot (inb4 "im Nirish") claiming authority to speak on all things Scottish among non-Scots. pffffffff

  4. Yoda The Clover Holder says:

    My 8 pound dog once ate a half pound of chocolate fudge. When my dad and sister realized what the dog had done they went to opposite sides of a parking lot and repeatedly called her back and forth between them, making her sprint until she puked it all up. She then went on to live to be over 20 years old.

  5. Niels says:

    Since you played chess as a kid, and Dneg is now playing some chess as well. Did a collab with Hikaru Nakamura. I think it would be fun if you guys played a game of chess against each other! Just to get something else in the mix. I would enjoy that very much, since I both love poker and chess.

  6. CSRG M1915 says:

    Gary and Mike are a great combo. Apologising for swearing isn't necessary!

  7. james u says:

    Sorry Gaz, I didn't mean it mate. Just the STI's messing with my head.

  8. eugene leader says:

    I just remembered another one we did. If you drew Thomas Keller and lost you had to get gastric bypass surgery.

  9. Kineahora says:

    Umm which is more toxic—a chocolate bar or hydrogen peroxide… I mean…c’mon.
    [edit] ok looked it up: obviously dog size matters a lot, but it seems only unsweet baker’s chocolate and cocoa powder are really dangerous. Apparently even a large dark chocolate bar might not have enough theobromine to cause seizures in small dog… but maybe 2 large dark chocolate bars…


    New here, is this points or real money? Who’s bank rolling this Or is it fake site cash?

  11. Brendon Kennedy says:

    Good prediction you Polk ball washers!!!!!! Lol 1:16:20

  12. Brendon Kennedy says:

    Kersetter is shitting her britches after this one

  13. Andy Robertson says:

    If you don’t lose your gonna eat as much sauce as you want.

  14. Sid says:

    Doug, go for pogchamps. Kick dNegs ass in chess too. Will be hilarious.

  15. Plus EV says:

    Mike Brady reminds me of a smaller, less talented, and less successful version of Stephen Merchant.

  16. Ryan Williamsjil k u says:

    Bob if u need a hug well covid is around so how's it feel to want? FU bob!

  17. Jatin says:

    Doug is giving a lot of reads.
    Just by looking at him in the interview , you can tell how much did he lose or win in the session.

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