12 thoughts on “$200 No-Restrict Poker – Low-Stakes Liveplay Session (Half 2)”
  1. llIlIIlIIlllIlIIlIIlI says:

    So at one point your opponent bets the turn and you said youd consider calling against a 'small' bet. But it was like 75% pot. What are you considering a big bet? Pot? overbet? Is there really that much of a difference between a 75% sizing and 100% sizing?

  2. Matt Roberts says:

    I feel like folding to aggression is very assumptive. Especially if you have done any MDA. Especially vs recreationals.

  3. Matt Bevin says:

    Re 9Tdd looking for value bet on river – I think if we are target 1 pair bluff catchers we just use a small block sizing

  4. MichaelPerry says:

    Awesome video! Thank you sir, I'd like another!

  5. Mark Madden says:

    Love this, pls definitely do more!! EDIT – also a splash pot vid would be amazing.

  6. Keith Jackson says:

    Great, yes please do more of these Uri, thanks.

  7. Andrei Scurtu says:


  8. S N says:

    Please do more of these. Just fantastic! Cheers

  9. Kevin O'Malley says:

    Please more of these Uri, extremely useful and enjoyable to watch

  10. Poker Hero says:

    Already liked it. But will watch later lol.

  11. susy may says:

    Another live play by Uri!

    Yes, yes … Yay!!!

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