9 thoughts on “$200 No-Restrict Poker – One other Liveplay Session”
  1. LateDrake890 says:

    Great video! Thank you so much for doing these play and explains.

  2. llIlIIlIIlllIlIIlIIlI says:

    yesssir keep em coming

  3. MichaelPerry says:

    Excellent work Uri! Can't wait for more!

  4. Sharky Jawz says:

    I bought the 'RedLine' course but am yet to watch it. Interesting watching you play these boards where alot of players simplify for range bet, I'd imagine there's some credence in taking them to parts of the gametree (like turn probes) where opponents are likely less versed in theory.

    would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the delayed cbetting node and flop cbetting in general.

    I'm gonna watch the course as soon as I can and maybe you discuss it there.

  5. joe adams says:

    keep the videos up bro love to see em

  6. David Yei says:

    Any coupon code?

  7. Anthony Colavita says:

    URI the GOAT

  8. Mark Madden says:

    Awesome stuff!

  9. Tomms says:

    Love these videos, for what you talk about but also seeing what you do but don’t talk about.

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