38 thoughts on “$20,000 SPLIT BLACKJACK SESSION + $50,000+ IN BONUS BUYS!”
  1. Xposed says:

    Catch me Live on Twitch at 9pm EST everyday but Saturdays!

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  2. George Bush says:

    Who came here only for the blackjack lol

  3. Charly Tantowi says:

    What is the website name?

  4. ioN Pham says:

    need more mikey vids

  5. Hadziman says:

    Time to get some more #elongate

  6. Ulf Eliasson says:

    I never win… at BJ 🙂

  7. TwinsOfQuietus says:

    Wait, there's another 10, what the hell I am playing?

  8. surchand singh says:

    we always shows ur channel but not prize for viewers?

  9. Max van Duijvenboode says:

    What is the sites name where u can check the rolls and multipliers of games ?

  10. Paul Shaw says:

    Dude your amazing you make my day so much better when you go one one haha

  11. FEAR BOSS says:

    Love from India

  12. adjheli says:

    Mikey did that thang, that’s prafit. Even on blackjack insane dude

  13. Darth Al says:

    Codeman I now know how you feel when you win and also how puckered ya buthole goes once you click start… cos last night me and a friend did the unthinkable and decided to chip in 5k each for a 10k buy on Gems….And it fucking Paid…200k to spilt a nice 95k praffit each wooooohoooooo…You da man Codeman gonna buy a punch machine once i get it withdrawn as there was a problem last night for some reason. Me and mate cant wait

  14. e92 Shawn says:

    What if you play against the book on purpose so the 10s she took , are taken for you next rounds?

  15. Kenny Ryan says:

    Why you not dd on the 9 versus 3? You could have won $79k

  16. Curtyfry says:

    Your friend looks like a young John Cena. Cant unsee


    I really like the soundtrack in the end can anyone tell me what’s it call?

  18. Catachi Loafter says:

    Mikey 10X

  19. Godzilla Gaming says:

    Mikey sure brings Codeman that prahfit. Again I ask, MORE MIKEY!

  20. Jack Leblanc says:

    Got the notification that he posted this and instantly stopped everything I was doing and watched it lmaoo

  21. slotbroz 420 says:

    When you guna be on crazy time again

  22. youtubzer says:

    Amazing lol

  23. Jack Sock says:

    Did Cody hit the 2500x Crazy Time last night?

  24. crash landon says:

    So I think Mikey needs to be a weekly guest or something. That was a fun stream to watch!!!

  25. Tony TV says:

    Crazy all the time. Hahaha nice vid

  26. HAIFENG LI says:

    lets go

  27. NomNom says:

    omg yes new video

  28. Zachary Williams says:

    New black jack vid let’s goooo

  29. Rashaad Thomas says:

    Hey, i watch the streams all the time if your up maybe some 4k crazy times, ive been wanting to see it

  30. JP & EV says:

    collab w toaster do it

  31. Matt says:

    That black jacket portion was fucking hilarious

  32. A Parmana says:

    Thats great bro

  33. buffet burglar says:

    69 nice

  34. Karsinogen says:

    4:40 LUL cody in bed w/a girl: "HOWS THAT FOR HALF WAY!…..*soft chuckles*" (jk codeman gots the longerdonger with those wins 😉 much love brother)

  35. Ian Gatzke says:

    Definitely bring Mikey on more he brings a lot to the content. Keep it up brother so happy for you!

  36. Dominique Clayton says:

    What a call mikey…congratulations

  37. Justin Escalona says:

    absolute fucking monster over here

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