9 thoughts on “2007 Ford Mondeo in On line casino Royale advert”
  1. Łukasz KoKo says:

    Respect dla FORDA MONDEO MK4 I DLA FILMU CASINO ROYALE. Jest to śliczna maszyna!!! Beautiful car.

  2. Stevepayne1994 says:

    'sky' at the end, lol

  3. Michael Barreto says:

    are you crazy ? its the new mondeo

  4. Michael Barreto says:

    are you crazy ? its the new mondeo

  5. MiegmaishMenas says:

    So that is quite weird, 'cause what he drives in the movie is really the new mondeo – a driveable prototype of a car that is gonna be produced from spring 2007. Why they show it as focus' ad I don't quite understand.

  6. flathan says:

    razura is right – that's the new focus, not a mondeo^^

  7. razura says:

    Hmm. That is not a Mondeo, is a Ford Focus.

  8. Daniel Billing says:

    This is an odd comment. Bond has been seen to drive an assortment of 'normal' vehicles in the movies, including a Citroen 2CV, a Ford Mustang (not a nice one either), a Sunbeam Tiger, Audi 80, and BMW. Your statement therefore holds little credence with me. His 'company' car is normally the unobtainable vehicle that people usually desire. I myself quite like the new Mondeo! It is merely a hire car for him to get about the Bahamas.

  9. fabiobond says:

    An example of an appropriate marketing.
    Forget the ASTONMARTIN…
    Forget the BMW…
    Now that ANYONE can become 007, ANYONE can drive the same car as 007…

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