8 thoughts on “2016 FPC Key West Poker Run TV Present – Half 2”
  1. Softuch says:

    Doesn't look like people of color are wanted when you see how fast the camera got off the Brother @10:36 seconds in the video, WOW.

  2. Jills Mcfarland says:

    Your old vids are amazing,to bad those daze are seemingly gone.But the new daze require Bring it !

  3. Jills Mcfarland says:

    New yak yak yak not cutting the

  4. _MalibuMarc_ says:

    Hey Stu, i love looking this great powerboats. Its really comftable listen to your voice and your art of your moderation.

    But one question: Why are some boats throwing such a big and tall wave out of the engine while other have a real flat back wave?

  5. Dane Bowers says:

    its a fountain

  6. Dane Bowers says:

    womack bad ass

  7. Konstantin700 says:

    why not with the sound of the engines ???

  8. Eric Mckee says:

    stellar job Stu

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