32 thoughts on “$25-$50 BET BONUSES ⚡ LIGHTNING LINK HIGH LIMIT at Greektown On line casino #advert”
  1. Andrew Arbogast says:

    Wow the video looks awesome! New phone?

  2. Carl Hansen says:

    50 lines , 10 cents total bet $25 versus $25 bet for $1 On 25 lines. Any significant difference? Benefits of one or the other?

  3. Terri Fryman says:

    Quit "tittering"/giggling in the background, Brit. I am going to stop watching. Last video–next one you giggling in—WILL NOT watch again!!!

  4. Mike Wheaton says:

    Merry Christmas ! 12 spins of Christmas $100 a spin. Maybe ?

  5. Lunalight queen says:

    There is a game that is a hamburger game. It's a lot like Diamon Daves. If you ever see it please play it its so much fun on the bonus especially picking the toppings the more toppings you get the better the pay on them.

  6. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    enjoyed you and Britt much luck to you Beth NJ

  7. Doris Nykyforchyn says:

    Brain,Britt,Please, have,A Merry Christmas,this year.Let,hope,that,Next Year,will,be,better for everyone in this Good Earth.

  8. Angela Grant says:

    Hi Brian can you try De Vici Diamonds

  9. H N says:

    Enjoyable video. (Please identify the city and state when you name the casino. I don’t know where Greektown is located. Thanks.)

  10. Stephanie Burton says:


  11. Camper X says:

    Why would you play a game that you know can hurt your fans?

  12. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt I love old school slot machines. Brian you played my favorite slot machine which is Magic Pearl. Be safe

  13. Ike Avina says:

    I'm surprised Britt doesn't freak out at $25 and $50 bets. Welcome to the dark side Britt!!

  14. Carol Johnson says:

    Good morning Brian and Brett no it’s Britt!!!! Come on Magic Pearl give us Your major and your grand in my hand. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Sheilah with an H says:

    Diamond Days a lot like Funzpoints games with Reelin and Rockin characters lol

  16. Tasha Hall says:

    When are you going to come to Valleyveiw Casino in southern California???

  17. Mike J says:

    Are the overall odds better when you do a $25 spin on the dollar denomination (less lines) vs a $25 (more lines) on the dime denomination?

  18. Daryldenise Chambers says:

    Breakfast with Brian and Bitt!! Hmmm, sounds like the perfect morning talk show!

  19. Kenneth Nash says:

    Screen flickers because light refreshes at near the same rate as camera checks sensors.

  20. John King says:

    19:00 minute mark, you said you do not know why it flickers on camera, The reason is because of the frame rate at which the video is refreshing, the machine is probably operating at 60hz which is conflicting with the frame rate, or is out of sync. Funny thing is, if it was in sync, it would either not flicker at all or look dark. There are video of helicopters that are in perfect sync with the frame rate of the video and the blades will look like they are not spinning at all. Same concept, just the machines light is not in sync sometimes. Hope this helps.

  21. Lia Renick says:

    Such an entertaining man to watch! Don't personally know many men who get into the slots like you Brian! Your live stream is at 4am for me but it so worth staying up for! You and Brit crack me up! By the way I remember cassette tapes! CDs weren't popular till just before my middle school days! Always will be an 80s baby/child! Lol

  22. Bob Joncas says:

    …BANZA !!!!..

  23. What Z says:

    Well done

  24. Margaret Lackey says:

    Good Morning from the OKLAHOMA Panhandle. Line it up !!!!

  25. Kimberly Cummings says:

    Good morning! I won by unexpected high limit major on Sahara gold, last February, playing $.25 denomination, $12.50 bets. In the hold and spin bonus I keep on seeing the minor blue ball. I actually tried to stop the real when I saw it come through the third time, and the major dropped instead for $8500!

  26. Joseph Downs says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family

  27. Thomas Meskell says:

    Less pay lines means pearls for 500 mean 500 on 25 and 50 dollar bet? Or still 50 bucks when pearl says 500?

  28. Thomas Meskell says:

    How on 50 bet the 500 pearl is 50 bucks??? Other machines on 25 bet the 500 pearl is 500 not 50

  29. Lucas Wong says:

    I always love lightning link

  30. Tina Miller says:

    Didn't like seeing you leave a winning machine with doubles and sevens.

  31. Emma Love says:

    Morning BC SLOT saw you on decide to watch Merry Christmas to you and your familys and friends

  32. Samantha Rutter says:

    Always love Lightning.

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