6 thoughts on “$25/50 NLH Poker Money Sport w/Andy, Dan, Gal & Caldo♠ Stay on the Bike! replay”
  1. conqurr says:

    If he thoughts he was good on the turn y would the 8 scare u. I would have called. Just cause if I'm calling the flop n turn I'm damn sure calling the river when there no flush or straight card

  2. Andy CSOH says:

    Stop ruining the commentary you newbie with optionsSTFU

  3. Andy CSOH says:

    Who is this new commentator with opinion

  4. Ken Blain says:

    Rip Uncle Abe.

  5. Eugene Weeks says:

    Andy is gonna kill em all

  6. Real Mr Tucker says:

    Will this ever actually be Live again?

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