34 thoughts on “$25/BET Greenback Storm JACKPOT ⚡ Arduous Rock On line casino in Tulsa OK”
  1. Infinity says:

    I like slots now ♡

  2. zackery onstott says:

    Got my first hand pay last night because I watched this video and thought to myself “I should play dollar storm” thanks Brian!

  3. Crisis Theory says:

    Lol @ the Baby Yoda comparison. There needs to be a Mandalorian slot machine

  4. Avis Bryan says:

    Line hits for karate kid are really small for max betting. Terrible

  5. King Country Kiwi says:

    I remember watching one of your vids, may have been live I’m not sure. You were opening a new carousel of new games and were the first to play. You were doing $3 bets on the machines which is quite pitiful when you have been given the honour but am surprised of your new betting style now.

  6. peter schreyer says:

    I would have liked to see you play longer on the Silver Dollar Shootout. The game was keeping up and you were not on long.

  7. CSP says:

    Electronic Bingo

  8. ben mcniven says:

    At 29.40 the machine shakes and the next spin rolls backwards

  9. Susan Patterson says:

    Don’t like that Silver Dollar Shootout. But Thanks for showing it to us anyway. ☺️

  10. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Great fun Brian and Brit!

  11. Matthew Gailey says:

    Those bells would be so annoying after a few minutes. Looks like fun nonetheless!

  12. Youngjedi says:

    Let me know when you are at Rivers casino in Rosemead Illinois. It would be awesome to watch live!

  13. Anna Ridgeway says:

    Skeleton man was cool.

  14. GlassSlipper2 says:

    Years ago I got a hand pay on Snow Globes betting 40 cents. I will remember that forever!

  15. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos Brian. Thanks for posting this.

  16. Kyle Youngblood says:

    Look up Chinese dragon and you will have your answer for Orbs of Fortune.

  17. James Bradley says:

    Why does the machine keep saying waiting for bingo balls?

  18. Michaela Sunderhaus says:

    Love the Kenny Rogers quote in the background ❤️

  19. Mary Pannone says:

    I just received my winning bank that I purchased from BC SLOTS and I absolutely love it . Fixes perfect in my pocket book.

  20. Catherine Alexander says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary

  21. Phil Bogo Slots says:

    Absolutely amazing as always. I have a question. When you book to stay in hotels, do you just book through the hotel/casino website? Would you recommend us booking using the deals that we receive in emails, such as deals that MGM, Ceasars, Cosmo, etc give us? I've booked deals like these and I may get my hotel room free but still have to pay for the resort fees. Which is better to do?

  22. Danielle L says:

    I feel like the number of orbs lit up does better because each time you get the thing on the screen only 1 orb can light up so if they are mostly all lit up then you know its been awhile since that machine had the orb bonus.

  23. Mark Whitaker says:

    Loved the video. I wish you would come to Indiana grand

  24. blue thicc fish gaming says:

    Not exactly a old timer… but been here for a year, love what ya do Brian!

  25. John Leas says:

    Nice video!

  26. Vanessa Otero says:

    Brian and Britt how are you guys doing? Brian you get so excited when you play the Karate Kid. Congratulations on that nice hand pay. I would like to play Goldfinger one day. It looks interesting!

  27. Gert Schaafsma says:

    Good Luck Brian, good player, and a verry good Singer. Greetings from Holland.

  28. Linda Beard says:

    Hi Brian and Marco happy belated birthday britt

  29. Tammy Cruz says:

    Good luck

  30. Connie Ebanez says:

    We sure enjoy some Videos in the morning..Thanks Brian and Britt..

  31. cassandraq cassandraq says:

    Close…almost used a curse word….mother ( censored) lol…enjoyed watching some new games but they seem very complicated!

  32. Erik Garcia says:

    The 007 was my favorite one in this video

  33. Ben Bernal says:

    Where is Brian gambling this weekend well be at the plaza

  34. FRED BK says:

    I Brian, how much time do you play casino in à mouth ? 100 times ?! Lol

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