19 thoughts on “💥 $25 PINBALL JACKPOT HANDPAY!! | Simpsons & Willy Wonka Slot Machine! 👑💰🤑”
  1. kin9 4 A Day says:

    Nice games. Willie wonka I also get bonuses that really don't pay. I have yet to play the pinball game. Happy Holidays.

  2. Julie Michalak says:


  3. richardvdl22 says:


  4. richardvdl22 says:

    The Simpsons bonus catch is a sham lol

  5. Kim Leblanc says:

    That’s ridiculous the bonus!! You had me cracking up with the scream and $20 bonus

  6. Debbie L says:

    I still absolutely luv that Simpsons game. They dont have it anymore by me, I would still play if they did!

  7. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice win. Congrats!

  8. James Fouoro says:

    Well done

  9. Dennis Daniels says:

    King Jason, you played pinball and the Simpsons slot machines as well?

  10. Dennis Daniels says:

    Excellent profit session today on pinball slot machine, but you did win the handpay jackpot, King Jason!

  11. Dennis Daniels says:

    Coffee with the most handsome guy on YouTube ❤

  12. Dennis Daniels says:

    Good Tuesday Afternoon King Jason , I hope you win the handpay jackpot on pinball slot machine and good luck today!

  13. JOEWEN Dk CHaNNeL says:

    Like the way you smile, Jason ..stay safe

  14. cassandraq cassandraq says:

    EEEEEE! Nice win! Happy Holidays!!!

  15. VJ Slots says:

    I have no luck on pinball! Lol congratulations bud! Yay!,

  16. Tracy Ann says:

    Good evening from the UK. Love your content Jason. Your laugh is so contagious and love saying eeeeeee xx

  17. Reeso Doe says:

    Gotta love that pinball

  18. Linda S says:


  19. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Jason. This is the first time I’ve seen Homer slot machine. It looks interesting. Congratulations on your hand pay. Stay safe out there!

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