37 thoughts on “$25,000 Gates of Olympus Bonus Purchase (25Okay SUB SPECIAL FINALE #19) ⚡”
  1. AyeZee says:

    Hey guys. If you haven't seen this INSANE win from my stream the other night on my highlights channel, go check it out! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn2DQKxNPDE

  2. Clint Irwin says:

    Road to 1 million ahh
    Twitch – eastw00d89

  3. FrankeGambles says:

    Congrats as always! Twitch FrankeGambles!

  4. Matt Redwood says:

    unreal series, congrats zee! – MattyRedd19

  5. Colly Pog says:

    What a series bro! HUGE congrats!!!! ….those baits though monkaS GG Poggers! Colly333333

  6. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  7. Stehphen Cakebread says:

    Such an emotional rollercoaster throughout this 25k sub series. Been a pleasure watching you grow M8.
    twitch— the_proud_1

  8. Sako Manoian says:

    sup Zee!!! its olinmama

  9. Rens isbaas says:


  10. Alex Klüger says:

    twitch: alge54

  11. Th3_End says:

    WTF!!! that bait on the 500$ spin, 3 Scatter on the first 3 reels
    Twitch: Th3_End

  12. Gh Hh says:

    were do people get the money from to spin like this

  13. taivnaa says:

    Keep it up. Twitch : taivnaa_33

  14. My Localhost says:

    Great video ❤ Keymakah

  15. Kalle Kallenen says:

    Isnt this an old clip?

  16. Ross Carson says:

    Nice video, thanks

  17. Indra Eka Rama says:

    lets goo

    tw – gameforlife_

  18. Blackride09 says:

    What a run! Congratz mate and thank you for the content <3

    Twitch: Blackride09

  19. Largio says:

    Why do you deposit when you got a big balance

  20. Stephen Fenemore says:

    With all that bait I thought we were watching big bass Bonanza. Herbie17886

  21. haward hesparian says:

    :O – reflectivezx

  22. kayk wick says:

    Shame losing so much

  23. kayk wick says:

    All that money wasting getting boring now do some good with it help someone ass hole

  24. Edgars Turonoks says:

    It would be huge if dropped 4th scatter. – puuka92

  25. Onin Nunag says:


  26. Tinchy says:

    Amazing series -tinchysd

  27. Sirbrute says:

    That was quite the attempt to make crazy content with those 500$ spins – DrEntropi

  28. roman contos says:

    nice vod mate! Dassiaran

  29. Maya Bibi says:

    Hi Brother
    I'm one of your big followers, and I'm very happy when you win, clear from my heart, I'm big fan sir.
    I'm very problem sir.

  30. orhan KARAKOÇ says:

    what can I say mate, exciting watch but frustrating at the same time and you must be frustrated. Catch you at twitch. okan_orhan

  31. Shane Ekerbicer says:

    I got 600x (100x and a 500x) in the base game on $1.25 spins, $2 tumble win for $1200

  32. snowden says:

    Gates of olympus my favorite!! -jive000

  33. William Zobac says:

    Crayzee – Twitch: Ferrier13

  34. Gaming_With_Iiuz says:


  35. michael totua says:

    was hoping to see 1 mill cash out but great stream -sticky141

  36. Kirk Chatteram says:

    Looking forward to the 25k series with watchgamestv colab twitch: chatteram

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