34 thoughts on “$30 A Spin Bonus On Excessive Restrict CASH BULL Slot Machine | Excessive Restrict Slot Play At On line casino| SE-9 | EP-20”
  1. Tony Damian says:

    Yo NG we got your back, ignore the haters, stay safe buddy, show them the power of the bonus!!

  2. Nad Jones says:

    yea right, go work a 9 to 5 job for 15 bucks an hr and come back and say u have never had a finical issue with gambling.

  3. Ryan says:

    Last night I ran 1k down to 200 back to 1k and to zero, I guess my goal really was to give them my money…don't set goals like me.

  4. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for video – luv it.

  5. Debby S says:

    Win/lose…appreciate you show it all. Enjoyed watching…thumbs-up 4 all your hard work

  6. Connie Keenan says:


  7. Art Pili says:

    That was a tough one NG. Those bulls were like bullshet, didn't want to come out. You will get them next time my friend, thank you for sharing buddy.

  8. Andrea Mooney says:

    Ng dont worry about all those people. People have too many opinions these days. Just gotta ignore them…Good luck my friend

  9. Linda Abel says:

    New subscriber! How do I get notifications of LIVE play? Thanks!

  10. Callan says:

    How do ppl downlike the vid??
    NG is playing a pokie ffs… if disagree then just go away. Your moral high horse shit means nothing here. U probly voted foe Biden

  11. Rena alam says:

    I enjoy watching NG, haters always lost n the end Believe that I can't rest if I don't watch. Your videos N believe that❤️,. vicksburg mississippi N the House

  12. Pari Younan says:

    Hi NGsslots would you please play more hearts . Stay safe.

  13. Pam W says:

    Fun and exciting as always!

  14. Reel Twinning Slots says:

    The machine had lots of retriggers and some cool pays ! Great video friend !

  15. Delia Ramirez says:

    Great videos NG! Can't go to casino due to covid. We do enjoy your videos. Thank you! Good luck from Dallas Tejas!

  16. Sandy Sumer says:

    NG what do you do, that you can afford to gamble with so much money just for fun…

  17. Josie Sanchez says:

    Hi sir hope to see you here in solaire manila!

  18. Josie Sanchez says:


  19. Josie Sanchez says:

    Hi warching from the phils! Good luck sir!

  20. elizabeth ramos says:

    Love your videos. Watch everyday. Hate the new teaser at the start of your newer videos. You dont need them bc all your videos are great.

  21. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    That machine is so stingy and tight

  22. Yazzie’s World says:

    People are going to talk regardless. The ones talking are the ones who wish they could do what you’re doing! Stay positive and ignore the negativity!

  23. pam watson says:

    Thanks for the video ng when will you be going live?

  24. Sheena Goldring says:

    I love watching you play!!!

  25. Rebecca Kay says:

    Good luck NG, from Pahrump Nevada!

  26. Marianne Maher says:

    I like when you play low money.As I do..Seems more real ..when you play too high it's out of my league…People Should Not Judge

  27. FA Experiment says:


  28. Joel Beam says:

    Good try NG … at first glance I thought this was an ainsworth game but it is aristocrat game that looks like ainswirth 🙂 … anyway – Shame on this game 🙂 good luck to you next time

  29. Susan Rogers says:

    No one should ever go to a casino expecting to make money. You're right about only playing what you can afford to lose. I really enjoy your videos, thank you for all your hard work making them.

  30. Sofian Abdullah says:

    Very stingy machine ng,,stay safe

  31. J G says:

    Hard to get the bonus …..

  32. jsegura525 says:

    Hi NG ~ we know you're not broke. You play to keep us happy and you do just that. Those people that say those things are just people who are jealous that you do what you want to do.

  33. Kok teong Gan says:

    Let us be frank on the low roller bet and the high roller bet. If you win on the low roller bet, the profit is little and otherwise on the high roller bet. The main purpose of each time we approach a slot is to WIN BIG, Bit !!!!! Every session of gambling is to WIN. Grab the cash and run. Beside low betting isn't thrilling, this viewers tend to avoid them. The above is base on my observation and not binding to anyone. Thank you so much. ch.

  34. Bernadette Adams says:

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. Love your gentle demeanor

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