15 thoughts on “£360 SLOTS BONUS HUNT – Eye of Useless, Millionaire Megaways, Massive Fin Bay, Sword of Khans & extra.”
  1. Tina Stafford says:

    new sub here tks for sharing i no word of a lie won 6,700 on a £2.80 bet on bigfish bonanza carnt sleep or eat still in shock just proves it can be done hope you hit big to

  2. DJ Shady says:

    Some nice bonuses in there bud enjoyed tht and congrats for hitting 1k subs

  3. Shycharlieace says:

    Any profit from a bonus hunt is good well done and stay safe

  4. JJ Slots UK says:

    Nice hit on big fin bay! Must of done 1000 spins on that game and still no bonus!

  5. Aaron Lindley says:

    Nice hunt could you try book of dead on one line please

  6. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    Great video mate as they always are! Not for me to say but feel it should be mentioned you did an awesome job on azzis forum too. You definitely seem like a top guy and genuine. Always followed you and great to see your channel growing mate you clearly put so much effort in and hope you get the rewards for doing so bud

  7. Carl says:

    please play wish upon a jackpot megaways

  8. Stephen Pickerill says:

    Nice vid as always, always good to see some profit!

  9. Justin Manser says:

    Crush a grape!

  10. Ayrshiregers2 says:

    Good wee video

  11. Forest Gemini says:

    Hey Angry, good vid fella although not a lover of Mercur, find them pretty boring to watch. Please u made a profit tho.

  12. pat says:

    Great stream with decent profit Well done angry lad.

  13. Robin Froud says:

    Only one thing missing Secret of the stones lol

  14. Jason Bsharps says:

    Nice one any chance of a bit of lil devil gates side cheers mate

  15. Robin Froud says:

    Hope all is well and fingers crossed for you 🙂

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